John Krasinski and Steve Carell reunited virtually for the 15th anniversary of 'The Office.'

John Krasinski & Steve Carell Video-Chatted About 'The Office' & I'm Happy-Crying


Jim Halpert and Michael Scott still have the best friendship ever 15 years later, and John Krasinski and Steve Carell proved it with their virtual reunion. On Sunday, March 29, Krasinski surprised fans by launching a new web show, Some Good News, a parody news program devoted to sharing uplifting, viral stories. To make the first broadcast extra special, Krasinski called up Carell midway through the show and the two reminisced about their favorite moments from The Office. Fans definitely need to check out the video, because John Krasinski and Steve Carell's The Office reunion gets to the heart of why the sitcom was so special.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Krasinski launched his new self-taped YouTube series to share heartwarming stories in the time of social distancing and self-quarantine. The first episode of Some Good News focused on viral images and videos of people helping each other out in various ways during quarantine, but the real surprise came halfway into the show when Krasinski introduced his "entertainment correspondent," Steve Carell.

The virtual reunion came right after The Office's 15th anniversary, which was on Tuesday, March 24. To celebrate the occasion, Krasinski and Carell reminisced on their favorite moments from the show. Carell immediately brought up Michael's tiny plasma television from the episode "The Dinner Party," and Krasinski responded that he didn't think he laughed harder in his life than he did while filming those scenes.


Other standout memories for the two included filming in intense heat for the "Fun Run" episode, and when Kevin sat on Michael's lap while he was dressed as Santa. Krasinski revealed the Santa scene was intended to end with a pan to Jim making one of his infamous faces to the camera, but the actor was cracking up so much that they couldn't get a usable shot of him.

On the more emotional side, Krasinski recalled filming Michael's farewell episode, revealing just how difficult it was for himself and Carell to film Michael and Jim's final scene together. "I think you and I counted — I think it was either 17 or 19 takes where there wasn't an audible word that came out. It was just 'Action' and then you and I going 'Aaahhh.'"

You can check out Carell's appearance on Some Good News from about the 5:40 timestamp to 11:10 in the first episode.

Unfortunately, the duo didn't really get into the possibility of a reboot of The Office, which fans have been clamoring for in recent years. Rather, Krasinski said he just hoped the whole cast could reunite as people and hang out again soon. Here's hoping Krasinski continues to reconnect with his former The Office costars in future episodes of Some Good News.