John Krasinski won't host "Some Good News" anymore, but the show isn't canceled.

John Krasinski Won’t Host ‘Some Good News’ Anymore, But The Show Will Go On

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone who has been tuning in for John Krasinski's Some Good News series on YouTube might be a little disappointed. Krasinski made a deal to sell the web series to ViacomCBS, but that means the show isn't going to stay the same. The biggest change is John Krasinski won't host Some Good News anymore, and here's what there is to know about the details so far.

On Thursday, May 21, news of the show's sale deal to ViacomCBS broke and some people aren't too happy about the web series changing hands. Some Good News will first go to CBS All Access — the company's streaming service — before switching over to some of its on-air networks, says The Hollywood Reporter. Krasinski won't be hosting the series any longer, and the company has yet to reveal who will take over as the new host.

While many are undoubtedly upset that Krasinski won't be hosting, he'll continue on as an executive producer of the series, and he'll still remain an on-air presence, though it's unclear in what capacity. Those who want to know where to watch the show after it's first run on the company's streaming service will have to stay tuned, as ViacomCBS still hasn't revealed which platforms will air the show.

Krasinski started Some Good News on YouTube shortly after scientific experts advised people to self-isolate and practice social distancing in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. SGN's run on YouTube included guest stars like the cast of Hamilton, Krasinski's wife Emily Blunt, Oprah, Billie Eilish, and the Jonas Brothers. Before selling, Krasinski financed and produced the weekly episodes himself, in order to bring something uplifting to the public during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

His latest episode on Sunday, May 17 included a statement that seemed to indicate the show's YouTube run may have ended. Krasinki wrote in the description, "Some Good News has always been… about YOU! SGN wants to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this story." He continued on thanking viewers and concluded, "Now it's time for everyone to continue to spread good news in their own ways. We're taking a break for now, but there is more to come! Stay tuned."

His Twitter post was a similar salute, as though the show was ending for a while:

Krasinski posted on Twitter following the sale, writing, "Wow who can believe when we started this thing together we all just wanted good news to be more fully represented in our everyday lives." The actor continued, "And now? You quite literally ARE the good news! Thanks to you, SGN lives on, joining the ranks of this historic news network! See you all soon!"

While Krasinski won't be hosting Some Good News anymore, you'll still be able to enjoy the show when it begins streaming on CBS All Access, and it sounds like he will still make some appearances on the show.