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Jessie J's "Domino" Inspires A TikTok Couples Dance That's Full Of Surprises

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You and bae have mastered just about every TikTok challenge in the books during quarantine. But, new dances keep hitting the scene, and they seem to get increasingly complex. Luckily, you and your SO are a great team and feel more than ready to throw on comfy clothes to tackle the couples TikTok dance to Jessie J's "Domino."

This trending challenge is set to the chorus of Jessie J's pop hit "Domino." You'll notice when watching videos of couples or best friends mastering the dance that there are a few deep beats that sync with their moves. They are pretty impressive to watch, as the challenge can look like one gigantic arm puzzle.

If you and your SO or quarantine buddy want to tackle the "Domino" TikTok challenge, sharpen your dancing skills and get ready to have some laughs. The challenge starts when you stand in front of your dance partner and raise your arms. Then, take their hands and move your arms together up, down, and to the side. Eventually, you'll spin into Dancing with the Stars-worthy drops, which can end with a high five or thumbs up. Sounds easy, right?

To join in on the fun at home, you'll just need the audio clip that was posted on TikTok by Of course, you'll also need a few examples to watch beforehand so you can learn the steps with your TikTok partner and make it your own. Check out these five "Domino" TikTok dances, and you're sure to enjoy lots of spins and surprises.

This Video Will Leave You In Total Awe

This "Domino" dance challenge video posted by TikToker @keliannestankus is filled with energy, stunning spins, and matching outfits. It's a great example to follow along with, since each step is super clear.

This Video Is Full Of Smiles

In this "Domino" dance challenge video by @_theyoungfamily, you'll enjoy a hilarious twist before the TikTokers launch into spins. After watching, you may want to plan a silly start to your video, too.

This Video Shows Matching 'Fits

When you're filming your own "Domino" dance challenge, it's not a requirement to wear matching outfits with your partner, but it sure does look great. This video posted by @guilicasati is cool AF, thanks to the duo's precise dance moves and coordinated black and white outfits. So, toss on your own matching 'fits before recording.

This Video Has Fun Transitions

There's always an opportunity to be creative on TikTok. This duo added fun transitions to their "Domino" challenge, and the result is pretty epic. TikToker @micahcow says in the text on the video that their transitions aren't smooth, but you may beg to differ.

This Video Is Filled With Smiles And Laughs

If you've filmed a dance challenge for TikTok before, you know that it's not hard to end up laughing and smiling. In this video by TikToker @cicicindy, the "Domino" dance challenge takes a fun turn, as both dancers laugh their way to the floor. You're sure to be LOLing, too.

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