Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License Music Video
These TikTokers Put Catchy Twists On Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License”

If you've had Olivia Rodrigo's debut single, "Drivers License," on repeat recently, you are absolutely not alone. TikTokers love it, too, and have been putting their own catchy twists on the track. They've taken on different perspectives, and let's just say watching these POV TikToks of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” will be your newest obsession.

If you haven't seen these videos already, TikTokers are showing Rodrigo's "Drivers License" all the love by responding with their own TikToks that channel different perspectives and lyrics to the same tune. For example, one TikToker took on the role of Rodrigo's friend, singing about driving through the suburbs — as the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star croons about multiple times in the song — 100 times with her, because that's just what besties do. Another TikToker sings an entirely new version of the song from the perspective of the "blonde girl" — aka the other woman — that Rodrigo references in "Drivers License." Fans have questioned if Rodrigo is referring to Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter in her track, which has neither been confirmed nor denied by any of the parties in question.

Not only will these "Drivers License" POV TikToks get stuck in your head, but they may even inspire you to make a jam of your own. You can listen to "Drivers License," and then give each one of these TikToks a listen to get a few new perspectives.

This Is "The Guy's Perspective"

For beautiful lyrics and an even more beautiful voice, check out this rendition of "Drivers License" in which TikToker Jareth Marlow (@marlowj15) takes on "the guy's perspective." Who knows, it may even bring you something to think about regarding the unanswered questions you have about Rodrigo's song.

This Is The POV Of "Olivia's Friend"

As a dedicated bestie, you may have previously found yourself in the same shoes as TikToker Giselle Gutierrez (@_gisellegutierrez), who sings the perspective of how "Olivia's friend" might view the situation. Gutierrez describes supporting a bestie through thick and thin with lyrics like, "I know you still love him, but he doesn't feel the same... and that's OK."

This POV Is Rodrigo 10 Years Later

You may need some extra tissues for this TikToker's version of "Drivers License." TikToker Lauren Paley (@laurenpaley) refers to a potential future perspective. 10 years down the road, the guy Rodrigo refers to in her viral hit is getting married and having a baby in this TikToker's point of view.

This Is "That Blonde Girl's" POV

Since Rodrigo released her song, fans have not stopped speculating that the blonde girl reference in her lyrics might possibly be connected to Sabrina Carpenter. If you love investigating any theories behind Rodrigo's lyrics, you'll love this TikToker's (@andimitchellll) song.

This POV Is From The Driver Behind Rodrigo's Car

You might LOL at how comical this TikToker's point of view is. TikToker Jax (@jaxwritessongs) sings from the perspective of an experienced driver behind a new driver, aka Rodrigo. This TikTok is just another example of how much everyone is enjoying Rodrigo's hot new song and wants to add to the story.