Jed Wyatt and Ellen Decker's quarantine has apparently been "a good test" for their relationship.

Quarantine Has Been "A Good Test" For Jed Wyatt's Relationship

Y’all, quarantine is not for the faint of heart when it comes to relationships. Living, breathing, working, and exercising in close quarters with your boo day in and day out can obviously pose all kinds of hurdles — like adjusting your routines, dealing with stressors relating to the coronavirus pandemic, and figuring out the logistics of getting groceries. Even Bachelor stars are privy to these challenges. Apparently, Jed Wyatt and Ellen Decker's quarantine has been "a good test” for them, and TBH, I think a lot of people can relate RN.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Wyatt revealed that he and Decker, a model and personal trainer, decided to hunker down together in a "pretty secluded spot" recently as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“This has been a good test for our relationship since we are used to distance,” the Bachelorette alum told the publication.

So far, he says their relationship is passing the test.

“It’s been so nice to wake up to her every day and has made me even more excited for our future," he added in the interview. "She’s just so amazing, and I probably annoy her with how often I just want to smooch her face off. We definitely have come together more, and I’m thankful for that.”

As for how they're surviving in quarantine mode, he revealed that he takes morning walks, drinks a ton of coffee (which, same), and does "intense workouts" with Decker and his sister, Lily. He and his boo have also been working on developing their own virtual fitness programs that people can do from home. Meanwhile, Wyatt has used this time to re-focus on his music as well. In fact, he's slated to release a new "feel-good" single, "45'n," on April 17.

Wyatt first triggered rumors about a new relationship back on Oct. 29, 2019. Just three months after his cringe-worthy breakup with Hannah Brown, the Season 15 winner posted an Instagram story from Miami where he was having lunch (a massive burrito) with a certain lady, who was later identified as Decker. The two have been all over each other's IG feeds ever since, including on vacations to Florida and California and visits to each other's home states of Tennessee and Massachusetts. Wyatt finally made things Instagram-official when he referred to Decker as his "actual girlfriend" in a Jan. 31 post. On March 8, they celebrated their four-month anniversary, and shortly after that, they began social distancing together, which apparently has entailed lots of burpees and tacos (because #balance).

While Wyatt seems to be moving on, let's not forget that his ex has been looking to the future, too — and with another former Bachelorette contestant, no less. Brown was recently holed up with Tyler Cameron and his friends in Florida, where they formed their own TikTok crew. Meanwhile, Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan are quarantining together in her home city of Chicago, so apparently, this pandemic has really put a lot of Bachelor alumni's love lives into perspective.

For Wyatt, quarantining seems to have allowed him to get closer than ever to his new love — and he's already starting to plan her into his future. The Nashville native told Us Weekly that after the state of emergency ends, he's looking forward to “having a wonderful summer filled with family, Ellen, friends and music.”

Only time will tell how his relationship will play out with Decker, but I'll say this: Quarantining with your partner is the ultimate relationship test because if you can figure out who you want to face this stressful sitch with, you may very well have found your person. Once you can get through a TP shortage, around-the-clock Zoom meetings and conflicting Netflix tastes with someone, it's safe to say you can handle almost anything.