The Quarantine Crew

OK, Here's Everything We Know About Hannah B. & Tyler C.'s TikTok Crew

thequarantinecrew on TikTok

Let's be honest, the world could use a laugh right about now. Thankfully, there's a new group of content creators who are here to deliver tons of laughs — and you're definitely going to recognize some of them. Bachelor Nation's Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have teamed up to create a new TikTok squad based out of Florida, and yes, fans have a lot of questions about what this all means. But first thing's first: Who's in The Quarantine Crew?

The new squad made its way to TikTok on March 18, and since then, members have posted a handful of videos showing how they're making the most of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. The group made it even more official by making their own Instagram page, which apparently featured all seven of its members.

Of course, the two people viewers have their eyes on the most are Tyler and Hannah. Considering they're holed up together (with other friends) while quarantining, there's a ton of speculation about where they stand romantically — and, like, why Hannah is in Tyler's hometown in the first place. As of now, the two are reportedly just "great friends," but fans are still on lookout for hints of anything more.

Dating rumors aside, Hannah, Tyler, and the rest of the gang look like they're having the time of their lives while adhering to the CDC's March 16 recommendation to avoid groups of 10 or more people. So, since you'll likely be watching their silly antics online for the foreseeable future, here's a breakdown of who's in the group:

Hannah Brown

OK, you know Hannah B. already. Although she didn't choose Tyler on her Bachelorette season, she's been spending quite a bit of time with him and his friends in Florida, whatever that means...

Tyler Cameron

Tyler Cameron might have been first runner-up on Hannah's Bachelorette season, but the adoring fans he gained make him the real winner. From the looks of it, The Quarantine Crew is housed in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, to produce all of these hilarious TikToks, so that might make him the head of the whole operation.

Ryan Cameron

Ryan Cameron is Tyler's younger brother. In addition to TikToking with his pals, he has an active YouTube channel. "I am a collegiate athlete at Florida Atlantic University and I am going to be bringing a camera and memories along with me for the next 4 years of my life," his bio reads. From the looks of his Instagram, he's also been getting along with his brother's ex pretty well.

Matt James

Matt James might be a familiar face to those who follow Tyler on Instagram. He's Tyler's roommate in New York, and is one of his best friends. He was also named as a cast member of Clare Crawley's upcoming Bachelorette season, though it's unclear if he will still participate — or if the season with get filmed — due to the pandemic. His Instagram bio mentions he works at the real estate company CBRE, but he also spends time working on the nonprofit ABC Food Tours with Tyler.

Kate Dooley

Kate Dooley is one of the more mysterious members of The Quarantine Crew. Her Instagram is private, but her bio does mention teaching and traveling. It also links out to a separate Instagram account @teacherswithtea, which she apparently runs with three other elementary school teachers. From the looks of that page, she likely teaches fourth grade.

Olivia Faria

Olivia is based in New York, and her Instagram has influencer-level aesthetic. She also has an active YouTube channel, where she shares stories of her travels and daily life. It's unclear where she met Tyler and how she became a member of the group.

Jacob Laham

According to his Instagram bio, Jacob is a director, filmmaker, and photographer based in New York. Since he makes videos for a living, it makes sense he's credited as the videographer on some of The Quarantine Crew's TikToks.

To check out what Hannah, Tyler, and the rest of The Quarantine Crew has been up to, you can take a look at their Instagram and TikTok pages.

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