Jason Derulo smiles in front of a 'Cats' backdrop while wearing a red coat.
Jason Derulo Is Making Drool-Worthy Food On TikTok That You'll Want A Piece Of

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know Jason Derulo for his singing, dancing, and acting, but he's not just a triple threat. He's a quadruple threat, because he's also making tasty things happen in the kitchen. Jason Derulo's food TikTok videos are too good to miss, and they'll instantly make you drool.

If you're not already following Derulo on TikTok, do yourself a favor and click that "follow" button right now. When he's not posting videos of himself dancing to the latest trends or playing with his adorable dogs, he's making delicious treats you'll want a piece of.

The best way to describe his kitchen masterpieces is if you were given the keys to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. You would have a field day making your very own deep fried pancake tacos and larger-than-life ice cream sandwiches. Now, whenever Derulo reaches a new follower milestone, he'll post a brand new #MilliMeals recipe video, which you need to see to believe.

Just a warning: Watching these TikTok food videos will definitely make you hungry. So, you might want to go to the store first and pick up a few sweet ingredients of your own. That way, you can make your very own Derulo-inspired dish to enjoy. Sharing is, of course, totally optional.

A Giant Doughnut Burger

The most impressive dish to date has to be this giant doughnut burger. This masterpiece consists of bacon, cheese, onions, and lettuce, all sandwiched between two massive glazed doughnuts. You doughnut want to miss out on watching this video.

A Giant Ice Cream Sandwich

Derulo's latest dish is a giant ice cream sandwich to celebrate reaching 18 million followers. His cookie may have crumbled in the process, but it still looks tastier than ever. The best part is when he has to improvise when the cookie starts to crack, and spreads Nutella on it to keep it together.

Chocolate Pizza

When Derulo reached 16 million followers, he made himself a chocolate pizza. You can easily make this dessert at home, too. All you need is some pizza crust, chocolate spread, and whatever candy toppings you'd like.

Candy Waffles

If you have a waffle maker at home, now is the time to try making your very own candy waffles. Derulo decided to add marshmallows, Nerds, bananas, and M&Ms into his waffle batter, but you can switch it up with whatever your heart (or sweet tooth) desires. Top off your waffles with some syrup, whipped cream, or ice cream if you want to really go all out.

Deep Fried Pancake Tacos

Deep fried tacos already sound amazing, but deep fried pancake tacos is on a whole other level. You basically deep fry a taco shell covered in funfetti cake mix. Then, put whatever fillings you want inside, like fruit, chocolate, and cookie dough ice cream.

Candy-Filled Chocolate Cake

To celebrate reaching 13 million followers on TikTok, Derulo made a chocolate cake filled with candy. This is another recipe you can try to make at home. All you need is box cake mix and your favorite candy. Mix the two together, and voila, you have a dessert worth celebrating.

Cereal French Toast

Start your day with a breakfast that's extra sweet. This cereal French toast combines your two favorite breakfast dishes in one. Go from dipping your bread in the egg mix to a plate of crushed up cereal to obtain this dream-come-true combo. You cereal-sly don't want to sleep on this.