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These 3 Zodiac Signs Should Consider Themselves Lucky The Week Of January 6


If you’ve been paying attention to the astrological buzz as of late, you probably think the world is coming to an end or something. I mean, a lunar eclipse? A Saturn-Pluto conjunction? Could it be any worse?! Well, let me assure you that, even though everything might seem overwhelming and difficult, it’s nothing you won’t survive. All these dark and dismal transits do is inspire you to make a change that helps you grow as a human being, both mentally and spiritually. Luckily, January 6, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. Even if you’re feeling like the whole world is against you, there’s something bright and shiny waiting for you by the time all of this is over.

Regardless, the astrology in store for this week is huge. In fact, you may endure changes that reverberate throughout the trajectory of your entire life. A lunar eclipse in Cancer takes place on Jan. 10, bringing closure to a chapter of your life. Generally speaking, a blood moon initiates the end of something that once meant a lot to you. This ending could be just as much of a relief as it is a painful loss. Either way, you should trust that this change is all for the best, as it’s leaving you with the space to create something new.

Believe me when I say this change is going to be massive. In fact, there is a change taking place throughout the entire collective, launching the world into a new beginning. When Saturn — planet of long-term commitment — and Pluto — planet of transformation — combine their power on Jan. 12, a tense battle between the past and the future will ensue. Ready yourself for the fight.


Scorpio: You’re Redefining Your Perspective Of Love And Romance

It’s time to face the way you’ve been preventing yourself from experiencing the real splendor of life. Do you overthink your joy until you’ve squandered it? Do you hold yourself back from experiencing love out of fear? Do you idealize and fantasize about a love that might not be there? You have the power to transform the romance in your life. Allow yourself to feel a deeper and more authentic romance. There is poetry surrounding you, so lavish in it. But first, make sure it’s the love you truly deserve.

Capricorn: You’re Understanding The Direction Your Life Is Going

You’re in the middle of a serious and overwhelming time. You know that big changes have to be made in order for you to grow into the person you’re meant to be. Are you ready to make those changes? If you lean into the future and away from your past, you’ll find yourself filled with confidence and power. Even if it feels scary, even if it feels like the last thing you want to do, building yourself up has nothing but positive consequences.

Pisces: Your Heart Is Growing And It Feels So Incredible

You’re in the mood to find yourself. However, you might be surprised by where you'll have to travel in order to discover your deeper layers. It may be in the most unexpected places that your heart resonates with something. Regardless, stepping away from all you’ve ever known will take you on a journey you’ll never forget. Meet new people, learn about new things, and consider the story at large. You are constantly evolving and affecting the world around you with every choice you make. Choose to grow and try something different.