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These 3 Signs May Feel Incredibly Overwhelmed This Week


Another exciting week in astrology is about to commence. Well, I suppose that depends on what your definition of "exciting" might be. Even though there are so many significant astrological events taking place this week — and it will most certainly not be a boring experience — that doesn't take away from the inevitable challenges that come with it. Astrology is always a mixed bag and it is never 100 percent good or 100 percent bad. Even though January 25, 2021 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, it's not as extreme as it sounds, but chances are still high that you might feel overwhelmed if you were born under the influence of Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio.

The reason fixed zodiac signs are feeling the astrological intensity as of late is due to a number of factors. Last week, the sun and heavy-handed Saturn joined forces, driving up the seriousness of the moment. Now, the sun is moving through fellow fixed sign Aquarius, but it will also clash with Uranus — planet of unpredictability and sudden changes — on Jan. 26, which will only increase this uncomfortable and unsettling feeling that anything can (and most likely will) happen. By Jan. 28, the sun will then move into a conjunction with expansive Jupiter, adding greater emphasis to the issues that are currently taking up space in your mind (especially if you're a fixed sign).

That's not the end of it either. A full moon in fixed sign Leo will crash through the cosmos on Jan. 28, and this full moon is filled with intense emotions, even though it may feel hard expressing them. Mercury will also station retrograde in Aquarius on Jan. 30, adding even more confusion into the mix.

There's no doubt fixed signs are going through it. However, they'll come out stronger too, and here's why:


Taurus: You Could Be Dealing With Uncertainty In Your Career

If you're not experiencing a ton of different random changes at the moment, you may be feeling like you're doing the changing all by yourself. You're being shaken out of your stagnancy and shoved away from your comfort zone, but some of these changes may be impacting your career this week. You may be in a position to take on a new career goal or embark down a path you weren't expecting to take. Whether you feel ready is not necessarily the point, because life comes at you fast and sometimes, the best decisions are made in a jiffy, Taurus.

Leo: There's A Lot Of Pressure Riding On Your Shoulders

This week may be emotionally intense and possibly even taxing for you, Leo. After all, the full moon lands directly in your zodiac sign, meaning that you may be coming to terms with deeper revelations about who you are and how you express yourself emotionally. However, all the fears that come with expressing yourself may also be rising to the surface. What's holding you back from saying what you want to say or being who you want to be? Are you afraid of what people will think? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of being alone? It's a beautiful time to get to the bottom of these questions.

Scorpio: You May Be Having Emotional Differences With A Partner

You've been dealing with some unsteady energy in your relationships lately. You may be dealing with sudden changes in relationships and possibly even considering a separation at the moment. These changes may be taking their toll as your emotional reactions and responses to these situations begin to settle into place this week. If you're feeling especially emotional, you might act defensive, out of instinct, and self-protection instead of your own truth. Give yourself time to clear your head before making any permanent decisions.