Jack Weber's Instagram comments about Madison Prewett show that he doesn't really approve of her.

Peter's Brother Jack Threw The Worst Shade At Madison On Instagram


Another day, another Weber feud with Madison Prewett. If you're still recovering from the eye-rolls, icy glares, and cutting comments from good ol' Barb ("He's gonna have to fail to succeed" is still ringing in my ears), then take a seat, fam. Peter's brother is getting all up in the drama now, too. Jack Weber's Instagram comments about Madison Prewett aren't just surprising — they're also harsh AF.

It all started on March 8 with a post on Jettin' Jack’s IG, which seemed totally harmless. The series of two photos shows Jack on the Park City slopes in Utah, and in the goofy caption, he thanks his girlfriend for “the best birthday.” Yep, nothing to see here.

Except wait — if you look closely at the comments, you’ll notice that Jack has some *thoughts* on Madi. In response to one fan who commented that viewers don’t really know what went down behind the scenes, Jack agreed, saying: "Half these people don't even have the slightest clue as to how far Madi is from what the TV shows." (Elite Daily reached out to a rep for Prewett for comment on Weber's allegations and did not hear back in time for publication).

Jack Weber / Instagram

Jack went on to say that the reason why the Weber fam has a vastly different opinion on Madi than many Bachelor fans is “strategic editing,” — in other words, the way the footage was cut together made her look more appealing.

Jack Weber / Instagram

BTW, if you think Jack didn’t give Madi a fair chance, he has words:

"If you think I only talked to her for 5 minutes then you really have no idea how this show works,” he told another fan in the comments.

Jack Weber / Instagram

The Weber family evidently has some strong feels about Madi at this point. If you watched the finale, you’re well aware that Barb does not approve of his decision to get back together with her. In fact, she flat out said: “Everyone that knows him knows that it's not going to work." (Ouch.) While he may have been under a little pressure from his wife (who urged him to “help her” in Spanish), Peter Sr. admitted that he's apprehensive about his son’s relationship with Madison as well. Jack may not have been present in the audience for the finale, but now, it’s pretty clear where he stands in all this beef with his brother’s love interest.

In fact, his feelings about Madi were already starting to become clear when she and Peter visited the family shortly before she left the show. In case you can't recall what went down, I'll jog your memory. At some point during the undeniably awkward visit, Peter and his bro had a one-on-one convo about his relationship with Madison, and Jack was pretty vocal about his concerns.

"Obviously, she's very big into ministry and all that stuff — you're the type you get home from a trip and you go line dancing, and you're nonstop and you're out at the club," he said, before asking Peter if he thought their lifestyles were compatible given their differences.


Jack then added: "I just want to make sure you're not compromising any level of yourself." Peter, visibly frustrated, noted that relationships are all about compromise. Later, in an interview with producers in which he compared Madison to Hannah Ann, Jack admitted that he felt Madi was "raising a lot of red flags."

So, in case you had any doubts about where Peter's brother stood in all this, now you know. Meanwhile, Barb's out here on the 'Gram inviting Kelley Flanagan on a girls' day involving lunch and shopping, and gushing about how she's her "fav." The Weber family is clearly struggling to accept Madison as Peter's choice in partner, and while they can't seem to support his decision RN, here's hoping they can all work it out eventually.

Family seems to be super important to both Peter and Madi, and research has shown there is such a thing as the "Romeo and Juliet effect," which suggests that the parental stamp of approval has a major impact on a couple's bond. In fact, a 1992 study in the Journal of Marriage and Family revealed that a low level of parental approval can decrease relationship quality.

Here's the thing. While the Weber family as a whole isn't exactly on board (pilot pun intended) with Madi, Peter so very clearly is.

"I am telling you that I love Madison and that should be enough," Peter told his mother from the finale stage.

Let's not forget Madison's words toward the end of the finale, either: "Honestly, this is about me and Peter, our journey, [which] just he and I should be talking about."

And that, Bachelor Nation, is the scalding hot tea.


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