Peter Weber's mom Barb's commented on Kelley Flanagan's Instagram

Peter's Mom Wants To Get Lunch & Go Shopping With 1 Of His 'Bachelor' Exes

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Just when you thought Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor couldn't get any more dramatic, his mom's antics during the finale made it all the more chaotic. From her iconic "bring her home" speech about Hannah Ann Sluss to her intense AF fight with Madison Prewett during "After the Final Rose," Barb Weber is what reality TV dreams are made of. And since I was under the impression that the protective mama was #TeamHannahAnn all the way, Barb's Instagram comment to Kelley Flanagan has got me all kinds of confused.

As it turns out, Kelley's appearance at ATFR (and her suspicious spot in the audience next to The Bachelor jeweler Neil Lane) was probably just a diversion. But it still doesn't explain why the attorney follows Pilot Pete's whole family — including his brother and his parents — on Instagram, or why Barb follows Kelley, but not Hannah Ann or Madi. After Kelley posted a pic on IG following the live show, Barb commented, saying, "We need to do lunch and shopping for the day. ❤️." She also commented on another pic, writing, "The Most Beautiful, Elegant, Classy, Intelligent Stylish Girl in the world!!! You were and will always be my Fav rav." Um, what?

In response to Barb's shopping request, Chris Harrison's girlfriend, Lauren Zima, also chimed in, asking, "Can I come?" Barb responded, "Of course!! Chicago Connection!!!!" Kelly chimed in, too, saying, "Yes please!!"

Later on in the comments section, Kelley mentioned to Lauren that she would be going to her "bf's party tomorrow night," adding, "I better meet you!!" Lauren replied, "Oh queen it's set in stone." It's clear at least that these two have never met, even if it's not clear whether Barb and Kelley have a relationship.

As of now, Kelley hasn't responded to Barb's other comment calling her "the most beautiful, elegant, class, intelligent stylish girl in the world," so it's possible that she's just as perplexed as I am.

You may have forgotten that Kelley had a "one-up" on the other ladies this season, as she coincidentally met the upcoming Bachelor in a hotel lobby in California a month before filming started. The Chicago native wasn't even certain about participating in the show, but after meeting Peter, she ultimately said yes. However, as far as fans know, Kelley doesn't have any sort of history with the rest of the pilot's family. She was also sent home before the hometown dates, so Peter never even met her family.

Peter did say when he sent Kelley home that she felt more like a friend to him, so it's very possible that they stayed friends — and that she's now BFFs with Barb as well. Whatever is going on, I'd really like an invite to that shopping trip.