Kelley on 'The Bachelor'

Twitter Completely Unraveled When Kelley Showed Up On 'The Bachelor' Finale

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Just a week prior to Peter Weber's Bachelor finale, fans freaked the eff out when they realized Kelley Flanagan was not at the "Women Tell All" reunion. The fan-fave and top-five contestant was reportedly not asked to attend the special, which is why it was all the more exciting when cameras panned to her during "After the Final Rose." After introducing her at the beginning of the episode, Chris Harrison noted it was important that Kelley was there — and even more suspiciously, she was sitting next to Neil Lane in the audience. Of course, fans had some questions, and these tweets about Kelley on The Bachelor finale showed just how badly they needed them answered.

Just a quick recap, in case you forgot amid all the other drama: Kelley was sent home during her three-on-one date alongside Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller, and it was a major upset. Fans hoped she would make an appearance on "Women Tell All" (and maybe even be named the next Bachelorette), so all of Bachelor Nation was pissed AF when she was absent.

Even after she left the show, many fans believed Kelley would somehow come back into Peter's life, and she'd be the one he'd end up with. Her meaningful intro at the start of the finale only fueled that theory's fire, which is why Twitter went into a frenzy trying to figure out why she was there.

As it turns out, Kelley's appearance in the audience was apparently nothing more than a tease. By the end of the special, Peter and Madison announced they were giving their relationship another shot (much to the disappointment of Mama Weber), and Kelley never even got any time to speak. In typical Chris Harrison fashion, it seems as though he was just trying to throw fans off the scent just a little bit longer, and you know what? It totally worked.