Ivanka Trump Vs. Don. Jr.'s Body Language Show A Lot More Similarities Than Differences

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To be a part of the Trump family, confidence is key. As one of the most public, not to mention controversial, families in the world right now, everyone is expected to make speeches, attend meetings, and help host annual traditions. This has to be an intimidating feat at times, and Ivanka Trump versus Donald Trump Jr's body language shows that the two siblings can handle whatever is thrown at them.

When comparing Ivanka and Don Jr. side by side, it's easy to target differences. However, upon closer inspection, many will find that these two have a lot more similarities that we might have missed. From their work ethic to parenting style, it looks like this brother-sister duo might be much more of the same than we initially believed.

Elite Daily spoke with body language experts Blanca Cobb and Traci Brown, author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, to hear their thoughts on what these siblings' body language says about them. The two oldest Trump siblings have a lot on their plate, and their body language can say so much about how they can handle the stress. According to the experts, these two Trump siblings have some major similarities — and one big difference. Check it out.

They're Both Confident In Meetings
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Don Jr. and Ivanka may have different career roles at the moment, but their daily routine is still fairly similar. As high profile individuals, they have to put their best foot forward to spearhead meetings and get points across.

Ivanka is a bit more in the spotlight as one of Donald Trump's senior advisers, so it makes sense why she's openly engaging with her audience. Cobb notes that Ivanka's upraised finger suggests she's highlighting an important point, while Brown sees it as a power move. "We see Ivanka in a rare threatening moment with her finger pointed," she says. Don Jr. on the other hand is sitting seriously, but still keeping strong eye contact with whoever he's listening to, with an expression Brown calls "stone face."

"When men do this it's received that they're angry at something outside of them," she says.

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Clearly they're both confident in these board room settings. Not only do they exhibit strong eye contact, but their facial expressions definitely mean business.

They Both Hold Their Own At The Podium
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In addition to board meetings, the Trump family definitely made it clear that they don't shy away from the stage. Both Ivanka and Don Jr. were key throughout their father's 2016 presidential campaign. In order to promote Trump's presidential run, the two often made speeches and took the stage to address the crowd. According to Cobb, the two are similar in conveying points and using their space at the podium. She says,

Both brother and sister use their hands to express how they’re feeling and to emphasize what they’re saying.

She adds,

[For Don Jr.] talking with your palms up and spread wide in front of you signals that you’re feeling confident and you’re being open with your thoughts.

Cobb also notes Ivanka's confidence standing behind the podium and in front of a wide-reaching audience. While Don Jr. uses his hands to convey emotions, it appears that Ivanka is engaging the crowd through eye contact and warm facial expressions.

By leaning forward and smiling, Ivanka gives the impression that she’s engaged to the audience. And with the placement of her hands, which are at either end of the podium indicates that she’s feeling confident.
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No fear of public speaking from these two, not that I'm surprised.

They Both Have Similar Family Values
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While the Trump family may have their schedules filled with work events, board meetings, and speaking engagements, it's still nice to know that both Ivanka and Don Jr. take time out of their days to spend time with their children. The White House holds traditional events each year, from the Easter Egg Roll to the Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning, and clearly both Ivanka and Don Jr. love spending these holidays with the kids.

"Donald Jr is very attentive to his daughter and enjoying the moment," Cobb says, noting the way he leans down to be closer to her. "When you lower your body to get on your child’s physical level then you’re showing sensitivity. That you want to be a part of their world."

Similarly, Ivanka is crouching next to her daughter to let her see the turkey. Both she and Don Jr. are exhibiting warm and sincere body language towards their children.

"Ivanka leans down and gets close to her daughter to share a sweet moment," Cobb says.

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While these two older siblings may have different careers and are two very different people, their similar body language proves that family bonds still run strong.

They Have Very Different Dynamics With Their Father

There is one major difference between the Ivanka and Don Jr., and that's their relationship with their father. There's no doubt that Donald Trump is proud of both of his children, but according to Brown, Donald Trump seems to have a bit more affection for his daughter Ivanka.

As opposed to Don Jr., Trump is openly engaging with Ivanka and is touching her much more intimately.

"I think it's very evident that they each have a very different relationship with their dad," Brown says. "Donald Sr. is more disconnected with Don Jr. than he is with Ivanka. He's shaking her hand with both of his, that's how we know."

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As ever, I guess, a family resemblance only goes so far — and when Don Sr. enters the picture, all bets are off.