'Riverdale' Theory That Kevin Is The Black Hood Will Have You Rethinking Everything


The second season of Riverdale is turning everybody in town into a suspect, and that includes some characters we never would have expected to turn on their friends and like... become a serial killer. Now, some fans are even looking at Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie's close friend Kevin Keller with a more suspicious eye and putting together a surprisingly convincing argument that he could be the man under that black hood. I know it sounds wild, but this Riverdale theory that Kevin Keller is the Black Hood might actually be on to something.

Of course, Kevin's been a good friend to Archie and the gang from the start, but he's always been especially close with Betty. And what's the most telling thing that we know about the Black Hood? He's obsessed with Betty. This fact has made theories about Betty's long-lost brother Chic, Betty's father, and Betty's mom Alice being the killer some of the most popular among the fanbase recently, but most people have forgotten about the character outside of the Cooper family who is also extremely close to Betty.

The relationship and the motive could definitely be there for Kevin. He and Betty had been best friends since childhood, but that friendship seems to have wavered a bit recently. We saw them blow up at each other earlier this season, when Betty urged Kevin to stop cruising for guys in the woods and ratted him out to his father when he wouldn't listen. As one Redditor pointed out, their fight ended unnaturally quickly, which seems super suspicious.

Another thing that really stands out is when the Black Hood said he doesn't like sharing Betty with other people. We know that before the events of the show, Kevin and Betty used to be pretty much inseparable, but that changed in the Season 1 premiere when Veronica Lodge came to town. Now that Betty has gained a new bestie in Veronica and started dating former outcast Jughead, Kevin probably feels like he's been relegated to the sidelines of Betty's life. If Kevin really is the Black Hood, then maybe his motive for the killings is his anger over Betty spending less and less time with him now that she's wrapped up with Archie, Veronica, and Jughead all the time.

Kevin's intimate knowledge of Betty's life would also explain how the Black Hood knew about the Nancy Drew book she was obsessed with as a child, as well as the prediction that she would confide all of the info she's been getting in Archie. And obviously, he definitely fulfills that criteria of being a face that Betty would recognize. On top of all that, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has teased that Kevin is going to have a lot more to do this season. Check out the whole theory below:


Pretty convincing, huh? Kevin being the Black Hood would also totally into the show's penchant for going for the most shocking twists imaginable, but it's definitely not a fool-proof theory yet. One of the biggest holes in the theory is that Kevin doesn't look like the Black Hood physically. Although we haven't seen his face, he's appeared to be a middle-aged man with piercing green eyes, which does not describe Kevin at all. But that doesn't mean Kevin isn't possibly working with the Black Hood to aid in his plan to cleanse Riverdale.

A few other potential problems: We saw Kevin fearing for his life when the Black Hood was on the loose and he was alone in the woods — if he was the Black Hood or in cahoots with him, then he wouldn't have been so afraid, right? Or maybe that scene in the woods took place right before he met and started working with the Black Hood, considering it's right after that moment he and Betty got in their big fight, which is quickly resolved right before Betty gets her first letter from the Black Hood.

It seems much more likely to me that if Kevin is involved in all this, he's just helping the Black Hood out rather than actually being the main man himself. There's really no reason for Kevin to want to kill Fred Andrews, Mrs. Grundy, or Moose and Midge, but he might be driven to the dark side in order to get revenge on Betty. Right now, I'm thinking there's a pretty good case to be made for Kevin being the guy who wrote Betty those letters and spoke to her on the phone, but not the actual Black Hood who has been killing people in town.