Airbnb Hosts Reveal How They Really Feel About You Having Sex In Their Homes

by Sydnee Lyons

We've all been there. You're on vacation with your partner in the most adorable Airbnb. I'm talking sun-kissed reading rooms, all-white bedrooms, and an Instagram-ready clawfoot bathtub just begging you to fill it with rosemary and lavender. After artfully posting a tour of the place to your Instagram Story, your next immediate thought is, "Is it OK to have sex in an Airbnb?" The answer is, it depends.

Airbnbs, although functionally very similar to hotels, usually double as someone else's house or apartment. That means that when they're not renting it out to strangers looking to stay within walking distance of the Hollywood sign, they actually live there. The bed you're sleeping in? Theirs. The shower you just peed in? Also theirs. For this reason, some Airbnb hosts say having sex on your vacation is a big no-no. They'd like you to respect their space and belongings and to refrain from whipping out anything more than your luggage, which is totally reasonable.

Although there's no official Airbnb policy regarding being intimate in your host's place, there are some general guidelines for staying at an Airbnb to abide by. For one, you definitely want to steer clear of any property damage. That means no breaking the beds or bathroom sinks or anywhere else you've enthusiastically decided to get busy. Luckily, this doesn't happen as often as you'd think. According to an Airbnb spokesperson, property damage claims made up less than 0.01 percent of guest accommodations (all 30 million of them) in 2016 so, at least, you're doing something right.

Some hosts — like ones this Redditor below has interacted with — will politely encourage you to adjust your hookup plans based on their preferences.

AirBnB's I've looked at have requested that you book elsewhere if you are looking for a romantic night.


The reality is, though, that most hosts expect you'll be having sex in their homes. If you must have sex while traveling, you should strip the sheets before you check out. It's the least you could do.

You see, the reason it's so much more exciting to have sex when you're on vacation is because you feel free from the monotony of everyday life, which makes you more sexually adventurous. It's totally natural to want to get it on in that romantic cottage in the woods. I mean, why else would you book a place miles away from everyone else?

Most Airbnb hosts know you're having sex in their homes and have made their peace with it one way or another.

As a host, I assume people do it. The bed is fine, but it would be rude to do it on the couch, etc. without having a sheet on it first. It is expected that your host will change the sheets on the bed afterward go at it.


I know that folks definitely have sex in my Airbnb rooms, but most of them have been considerate. Just keep it quiet and clean up after yourselves! The worst is when I hear people going at it, or have to clean up used condoms from random places. Don't be those people and you'll be fine.


Personally I dont mind if two registered guests are hooking up (though I'd rather they did it quietly). I dont approve of random strangers coming into my house, though, and my house rules clearly state that I only let registered guests in.


I am a host. Keep it quiet and I don't care as long as you are both registered guests. Serenade me with it and we will have a problem. Also, don't leave the sheets disgusting from your activities. #IJS


Limit it to the bedroom and the shower. Host's don't react well to body fluids on their furniture.


But some hosts have questions.

Depends who you're having sex with. With the host? Probably not the best idea.


Other hosts straight-up encourage it.

Bang away.



- ParkItSon

While it's acceptable to have sex in an Airbnb, you should aim to be as courteous as possible about the situation. Like many hosts have pointed out, if you're renting a room as opposed to an entire house, keep the noise level to a minimum and the actual sex-having to private areas of the home you're allowed access to.

Believe it or not, having sex in an Airbnb isn't only risky for hosts; guests should be careful, too. There have been cases of Airbnb hosts recording guests having sex and sharing the videos with other hosts who do the same thing. This is definitely not OK and Airbnb agrees.

According to official Airbnb policy, all hosts must disclose whether or not there are cameras or other surveillance tools present at or around a listing. If there are, they must obtain consent from the guests to record them and all equipment must be in plain sight. Cameras are never allowed in private spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms. Hosts caught violating these policies are immediately removed from the home-sharing website.

If you're going to have sex in an Airbnb (or even at a hotel or bed and breakfast), it's still a good idea to use discretion. Assess whether or not you think the property is safe and private, as well as whether or not it would be appropriate to walk around in your birthday suit. If your host doesn't discuss security cameras with you prior to your arrival, feel free to ask.

The good news is there have been even fewer reports of surveillance issues than there have been property damage cases in Airbnbs. Nevertheless, Airbnb recommends doing a thorough safety check when you get to your booking. Although hidden cameras might not be a major concern, you should note where emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits are located... just in case things do get a little weird.

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