Airbnb Listing Removed After Neighbors Claim Guests Had Sex In Public

An Airbnb listing was taken down after neighbors claimed guests were having sex in public view.

According to NBC4, the ad titled "Hollywood Hills Camping Retreat" charged $35 a night to stay in a tent and observe the beautiful views just outside the home of actress Dita de Leon, which is just a short walk from the Hollywood sign.

What de Leon didn't mention is the tents were not located in a secluded campsite; they were in a dirt lot situated within the upscale community.

Numerous neighbors complained the guests treated the area as if it was closed off from the nearby mansions.

The guests were allegedly seen smoking, drinking and having sex by several residents and their children.

Sanjeeb Kumar told NBC4,

People buck naked, people doing sex out in open. Drinking. Our own backyard, it's scary. Scared to come out.

Others pointed out the cigarette usage violated a "No Smoking" sign in front of the lot.

One neighbor said,

We have a major drought situation, that could go up, take the whole hillside and take the houses with it.

Airbnb removed the ad last week.

De Leon, however, says her security cameras didn't record any of the alleged activity so her neighbors could be lying.

She said,

Unless they can produce proof that happened, that's false, and they were not my guests. Maybe somebody was trespassing and decided to have sex -- if it even happened. I have no firsthand knowledge of it.

The neighbors have since gotten the city to investigate the campsite for zoning violations.

But it appears due to a lack of evidence, the angry residents are flying drones over de Leon's property to solidify their allegations.

On July 4, de Leon posted pictures on Facebook showing two drones hovering around the home and wrote her Airbnb account had been deactivated.

From the post,

A small group of neighbors are breaking the law with defamation and invasion of privacy which I can not discuss as my lawyers will be handling the matter.

The city told NBC4 last Thursday its investigation is in its "preliminary" phase.

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