Is Dunkin' Open On New Year's Day 2020? Find out to get your coffee fix on the first day of the new ...

Here's What To Know Before Making A Dunkin' Run On New Year's Day

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New Year's Day is coming fast, and with adjusted holiday hours, you might not be able to easily find your morning cup of coffee. If you're not sure if Dunkin' is open on New Year's Day, you'll want to find out before you go. You don't want holiday hours keeping you from your first cup of Dunkin' in 2020.

The good news is Dunkin' says many of its stores will be open on both New Year's Eve, Tuesday, Dec. 31, and New Year's Day, Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020. Even so, the brand advises customers to make sure your particular location is open by verify its operating hours. Check on your local Dunkin' holiday hours by visiting the Dunkin Mobile App or calling ahead.

If you are planning to stop into a Dunkin' on New Year's Day, you'll be able to purchase one of the Dunkin' Girl Scout Cookie coffees, which are officially coming back on Jan. 1, 2020, making this the third year in a row you can enjoy the cookie flavors in your go-to coffee. The two returning flavors — Coconut Caramel, aka Samoas, and Thin Mints — will be available for a limited time.

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Coconut Caramel coffee and Thin Mints coffee are inspired by the nation's fave Girl Scout Cookies. With toasted coconut and rich caramel, you'll recognize the Girl Scout's Coconut Caramel Cookie flavor right away. And of course, the Thin Mint coffee is an ode to the classic Girl Scout Thin Mint, with a refreshingly sweet blend of chocolate and mint. Both of these iconic flavors can be added to hot or iced coffee, cold brew, frozen coffee, frozen chocolate, or handcrafted espresso drinks.

Although you're going to have to verify when your local Dunkin' is opening and closing on New Year's Day, you'll be able to start 2020 off right with your favorite latte or one of the Girl Scout Cookie-inspired coffees.