Here's Why Fans Think Ariana's New Song "How I Look On You" Is About Pete

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Pete Davidson has been the inspiration behind quite a few of Ariana Grande's biggest hits. Besides name-dropping Davidson in "Thank U, Next," Grande literally named a song after her ex-fiancé on her Sweetener album. Now, a year after the couple's October 2018 breakup, Davidson may have served as Grande's muse once more. Fans think Ariana Grande's "How I Look On You" is about Pete Davidson, and based on all the details hidden in the lyrics, they may be on to something.

On Friday, Nov. 1, Grande dropped the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, on which she graced many of the tracks with her angelic vocals — like "Bad to You" with Normani and Nicki Minaj, "Got Her Own" with BFF Victoria Monét, and "How I Look On You," which Grande released solo. After looking closer at the lyrics for "How I Look On You," fans think they've found a few references to Grande and Davidson's relationship.

For starters, the song is called "How I Look On You" because it deals with a relationship in the public eye that's constantly making headlines. (Sound familiar?)

In the first verse, Grande questions whether her partner is actually in it for the love or for the fame.

Say you want me anyway, do ya?/ You can handle all this fame, can ya?/ Like me just the way I are/ Just the way I, way I are, yeah, yeah/ You would like me anyway, would ya?/ You won't let me get away, won't ya?/ Like me just the way I are/ Say you don't wanna be a star, do you?

The last line, in particular, seems to allude to that time Grande accused Davidson of using her to stay relevant. When Davidson made a joke about their breakup in a 2018 episode of Saturday Night Live, Grande reportedly responded in a now-deleted tweet, writing, "For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh."

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In the pre-chorus, Grande says she and her beau are on yet another magazine cover and she says it's because of her, not the guy. Then, in the second verse, Grande says her partner is the new "boy to watch" and how everyone seems to be enamored with him, but once he starts gaining fame, the guy forgets about Grande.

We step out on a Friday night/ New front page, it's a cute headline/ I made you a thing, like, "Who's that guy?"/ Say you ain't in it for the spotlight, boy
Cover on a magazine in just two weeks/ "Boy to Watch", ain't he just, just too sweet?

These lyrics definitely seem pretty pointed. Davidson did become a bit of a media darling once he started dating Grande in May 2018. He landed the August 2018 cover of Variety and actually talked at length about his relationship with Grande in his interview (but, to be fair, Grande talked just as much about him in the media at that time).

Later, Grande questions whether she was "just a transition," because it seemed like the guy moved on.

Now he ain't even got time for me/ I only see him on the big screen/ Woke up at like five, and boy, you wasn't here / When it's my fault, she even knows that you're there/ Was I just a transition?/ Boy, remember where ya come from

Could that be about Davidson's relationship with Kate Beckinsale? The pair reportedly began dating in January — three months after Davidson and Grande broke up in October 2018.

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Since Grande and Davidson's relationship was so public and the song's details seem to align with their dynamic, it makes sense why fans think "How I Look On You" is about the Saturday Night Live comedian.

Grande may not have name-dropped Davidson this time around, but fans are convinced it's about him anyway. Whatever the case is, Grande is definitely throwing a bit of shade at whoever it is who wronged her.