Angela's Relationship Status After 'Bachelor In Paradise' Is Interesting

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Week five of Bachelor in Paradise brought a number of dramatic returns to the beach. For Clay Harbor, his seemingly super solid relationship with Nicole Lopez-Alvar was shaken up by the arrival of his recent ex-girlfriend, Angela Amezcua. After awkwardly reconnecting at the wedding of Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson, Clay and Angela hashed out some of their lingering feelings for one another. Now, they both say they’re just trying to move on. Is Angela single after Bachelor in Paradise? It’s unclear if she found love on the show. Elite Daily reached out to Angela for confirmation of her relationship status, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

After her dramatic arrival in Paradise, Angela promptly used her date card to go out with Mike Johnson. Clay, meanwhile, couldn’t stop stressing over seeing his ex-girlfriend dating other guys right in front of him. Though he told Nicole he still wanted to be with her, Clay didn’t hide the fact that he still cared for Angela and felt confused about why she was there. Even Mike seemed skeptical that Angela and Clay were both ready to move on.

Fast forward to the next episode, and Chase McNary showed up on the beach. The fan-favorite contestant from JoJo Fletcher’s season said he was especially interested in pursuing Angela. After their date (which received basically no airtime on the show), Angela ended up giving Chase her rose and sending Mike packing (that gorgeous smile will be dearly missed).

Is there a future between Chase and Angela? It’s still too soon to tell. Angela has been tweeting about her return to the show, and she gave away some details about the date that viewers didn’t get to see. “Wait we’re just skipping @cbmcnary and I whole date!?,” she tweeted on Sept. 3. “Daannnggggg! There was a piano, some moonlight dancing, I meaannnn…” It sounds super romantic. Angela hasn’t given away any clues that she’s still with someone she met on the show, so she may have walked away single — or perhaps she’s keeping a BiP romance on the DL.

Part of the reason this is all so tense is that Clay and Angela broke up just a few months ago. The two started publicly dating in September 2018, right after Angela walked away from Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 without a partner. People reported that Chris Randone, who knew Clay from their time together on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, set up the two. Clay and Angela dated for seven months before Us Weekly reported in April 2019 that they had broken up. The reason for their split was unclear at the time, but Angela has since made it known that Clay broke up with her after saying he needed space to “find himself.”

So, it’s no surprise that when Clay appeared on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, it was a bit controversial. On the first episode, Annaliese Puccini confronted him about whether he was really over Angela. "I have some doubts about Clay's intentions," she told the cameras. "He’s been stringing [Angela] along, giving her hope ... he is really struggling with the breakup." Clay brushed aside Annaliese’s concern as he continued to pursue things with Nicole.

It’s still a mystery as to whether Clay and Angela will be able to smooth things over and date other people without drama. And viewers are likely to see more of how things pan out for Angela and Chase in these next few weeks. Here’s hoping that even if she doesn’t find lasting love in Paradise, Angela can gain closure from her last relationship and move forward with clarity.

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