Whoa, Annaliese Accused Clay Of Not Being On 'BIP' For "The Right Reasons"


Bachelor in Paradise fans know contestant Annaliese Puccini wasn't thrilled about her friend's ex-boyfriend Clay Harbor showing up to the Mexican beach so soon after their breakup. On Day 1 of the season, she warned the other women that he might not be there for the right reasons, but when the pro football played scored a date card, Annaliese confronted Clay on Bachelor in Paradise about his history with his ex Angela Amezcua.

Former Bachelor contestants Angela and Annaliese met and became friends on Season 5 of Paradise, but finding lasting love on the beach wasn't in the cards for either of them. Annaliese had her heart broken on the season's reunion show, but contestant Chris Randone played Cupid for Angela and former Bachelorette contestant Clay. After going public with their relationship in September 2018, an Us Weekly report in April 2019 said Clay and Angela had split more than a month before.

Upon arriving in Paradise, none of the other women really seemed to take Annaliese's warning about Clay seriously. Nicole Lopez-Alvar even went as far to tell cameras Clay was basically fair game if he was on the show. The confession turned out to be major foreshadowing, as Clay was given a date card in the Aug. 6 episode and asked Nicole to go out with him.

"I have some doubts about Clay's intentions," Annaliese admitted as the couple prepped for their date.


"Clay and Angela broke up," she continued. "He’s been stringing her along, giving her hope ... he is really struggling with the breakup."

Although Annaliese glazed over the fact that she hadn't really spoken to Clay about the split, she had no issue spilling the tea from Angela's perspective. The couple had apparently been looking at houses together and, according to Annaliese, they were even naming their future kids the day before they broke up. As much as Annaliese said she didn't want to sour the mood, her belief that Clay wasn't there for the right reasons had her pulling him aside before his date.

"I'm sick of guys saying, 'You're the woman I'm gonna marry,'" she told cameras before the confrontation. "I'm done with guys saying one thing and not following through."

In her conversation with Clay, Annaliese said he was "crushing" Angela by being there. When she called him out on acting so serious with Angela before going on the show, Clay claimed she was "misinformed" and advised her to focus on her own romantic connections. Having seen text messages between Clay and Angela, Annaliese believed he came to Paradise because his chances of getting picked up by another football team were bleak. Nicole intervened before Annaliese dragged more real-life drama into the exchange, but even after the pair left on their date, Annaliese was pretty emotional.

"It was like having conversations with 10 boyfriends I’ve [had]," she tearfully said about talking to Clay. "You could see fumes coming out [of him], like, 'People know I’m not perfect anymore.'"


Meanwhile, Clay reiterated to Nicole that he wouldn't be on Paradise if he wasn't over Angela. She believed him, telling cameras, "He really sees a potential with me, he sees a future with me. It made me feel like I could really trust him ... This feels like it could be the beginning of something special."

Welp, it looks like Annaliese's attempts to be a good friend were largely unnoticed by any of the folks on the show. There are two sides to every story, and while Bachelor Nation may never have a solid idea about what really went down with Clay and Angela, Annaliese does at least deserve some praise for staying loyal to her girl.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Aug. 12, on ABC.