Fans Are Convinced Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Are Rebooting 'The Simple Life'

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Paris Hilton might be getting back to her career beginnings pretty soon... and with a surprising new partner. It's been over a decade since Hilton's breakout reality series The Simple Life ended, but a newly revived Twitter account has fans excited for a potential reboot. So, is a The Simple Life reboot happening? It certainly looks that way, and the even more unexpected revelation is that it sounds like Lindsay Lohan will be teaming up with her famous frenemy for the new show.

UPDATE: Shortly after teasing a reboot of The Simple Life starring Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan on Tuesday afternoon, the once-verified @TheSimpleLife account had its Twitter verification revoked and has since been suspended. Paris Hilton tweeted that the account was a "fake fan account" and confirmed that there is no truth to the rumors of a The Simple Life return at this time. Netflix also confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the network was not working on a reboot.

EARLIER: The Simple Life ran for five seasons from 2003 to 2007, chronicling the unpredictable antics of socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in various unfamiliar environments. The show became a force in pop culture, and it often credited with pioneering the modern docu-style reality show, influencing current reality juggernauts like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives franchise. Last year, Paris Hilton revealed that she had actually turned down an offer to reboot The Simple Life, but now it looks like the show will be making a comeback after all.

Although nothing has been made official yet, a Twitter account for The Simple Life popped up on Twitter recently, and began teasing a potential reboot by posting the hashtag #SimpleLife6. Even more surprising, the account posted a photo of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, writing "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" with a winky face. The Twitter account went on to tease that Hilton and Lohan would be teaming up for this Simple Life revival in several more tweets, including one suggesting that Lohan's recent music project is actually the theme song for the new show.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that Paris Hilton posted a highlight clip of The Simple Life on Instagram just a couple hours before this Twitter account went live.

As fans well know, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have a famously complicated relationship with one another. The two oscillated between partying together and fighting one another throughout the mid-2000s, and their feud was just reignited recently when Hilton called Lohan "lame" in an interview. The Simple Life is not new to dealing with feuding stars, though. Between the fourth and fifth seasons of the show, Hilton and Nicole Richie entered into a fight that served as the cliffhanger finale for Season 4.

The Twitter news also seems to confirm that the addition of Lindsay Lohan will probably serve as a replacement for Paris Hilton's former co-star Nicole Richie. That makes sense, considering that Richie has been focusing on her acting career in recent years. She recently starred in Tina Fey's NBC sitcom Great News, and recently landed a role in the upcoming Fox comedy Richard Lovely.

Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, just made her big foray into reality television with this year's Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club on MTV. That show recently got cancelled, so Lohan is feasibly free to pursue another reality show. There is still nothing official to go off of as to whether these posts about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan teaming up for a The Simple Life reboot are true or not, so fans should stay on the lookout for some news sometime soon.