This iPhone X Alarm Clock Feature Will Make Waking Up So Much Easier In The Morning

I'm the kind of person who sets 10 alarms every night because I'm so dang paranoid about waking up late and missing work. Of course, I don't enjoy the alarms I set. The loud, buzzing sound usually cuts through my dreams like a sword until I'm forced to scramble for my phone and hit "snooze" before the buzz begins again. Sure, I might sound a little dramatic, but you know how annoying alarms can be. However, if you recently splurged on Apple's newest device, your mornings might not be so terrible. Why? Because a new iPhone X alarm feature uses Face ID to make waking up a lot, um... quieter.

I'm sure all of you night owls are intrigued — but before we talk about waking up, let's make sure everyone knows how facial recognition works (this is a major asset to the alarm feature). By now, you probably know that Apple's iPhone X comes with facial recognition, which makes it possible to unlock your phone with Face ID, play with Animojis, and use Apple Pay with a glance. Surprisingly, facial recognition also plays a huge role in the way you turn your alarm off in the morning.

Shockingly, I am now an iPhone X owner (look ma, I made it!) so I'll take you through the steps. First, you must set your alarm. If you don't know how to do this, you might want to read this book. Anyway, after you set your alarm, just go to sleep. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Dream beautiful dreams until they're pierced by the sound of your alarm in the morning. Once you wake up from the buzzing sound, all you have to do is pick your phone up and look at it. Once you've looked at your phone, the volume of your alarm will get lower. That's right: Since your phone knows you're staring at it (thank you, facial recognition), it'll lower the alarm sound so it isn't blasting in your face the moment you roll over and take a peak.

Good morning, indeed.

Once your phone volume gets lower, you'll have the opportunity to hit "snooze" or turn the alarm off completely. Either way, the alarm will be quieter once your look at your screen, which will make waking up a lot more pleasant. Again, you can thank the phone's facial recognition for that one — let's just hope it'll recognize your face with bed head and your eyes half shut (I think it definitely will).

As I've mentioned before, the iPhone X alarm isn't the only cool feature born from the highly anticipated facial recognition. Another asset to Apple's newest phone is the ever-so-fun Animoji, which is basically an interactive emoji that mimics your facial expressions. To use Animojis, you simply select "Message Apps" when you open a new text strand. Then, you select the Animoji icon and choose your favorite Animoji from the selection (there are 12 to choose from). Once you've chosen your favorite, you hit record and then make all the expressions you want shown on your Animoji. You'll have a total of 10 seconds to record.

When you're done recording, you can send your Animoji to anyone you'd like — where they have an iPhone or not. If your friend has a phone running on iOS, they will receive the Animoji as an iMessage. However, if your friend has phone that isn't an iPhone, it'll send as a .MOV file.

Between the new alarm feature and Animojis, you're about to spend a lot of time staring at your phone. I hope you don't stay up too late sending Animojis to your friends — but even if you do, your alarm shouldn't bother you too much.

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