Rumor Says iPhone 8 Will Take "Millionths Of A Second" To Recognize Your Face

by Brenda Santana
Dmitry A/Shutterstock

At this point, most of the world is eager to finally meet the iPhone 8. The mysterious device is said to be released this fall, but it hasn't stopped people from trying to figure out what features the phone will come out with. Tech experts believe the iPhone 8 facial recognition will be a force to reckoned with using infra-red technology to read users' faces in dim lighting.

Now, a rumor has come that claims the iPhone 8's facial recognition will only take "millionths of a second" to scan someone's face. The news comes from the Korean Herald who claims that this new feature will be extremely fast.

So how will the facial recognition be so quick? Well, rumor has it there will be 3-D sensors featured on the front and back cameras on the phone. That's pretty awesome.

This ultra fast facial recognition feature means it's likely the iPhone 8 will debut without the Touch ID we've all grown to love. But facial recognition is way cooler and probably way more effective than Touch ID, and it won't only work to unlock your phone.

Rumors say the facial recognition feature might also work with Apple Pay, and if it's anything like Touch ID, it'll probably work to login to other apps as well.

Still, many are concerned about just how effective facial recognition will be in comparison to Touch ID. If you aren't yet sold on the iPhone's facial recognition feature, you might want to look into getting an Android.

It's said that newer versions of the Android will come with a new and improved facial recognition feature that will supposedly blow Apple's version out of the water. We'll see which device reigns king; I just hope both updates are done carefully and we don't end up using an ineffective feature. Stay tuned.