9 Tweets About Long-Distance Relationships That Will Make You Say "It Me"

Countless “I miss you's,” epic late-night FaceTimes, and excitedly counting down the days until you see each other again: these are just a few of the things that couples get used to when they're in a long distance relationship. There’s no doubt that LDRs come with their own unique challenges (and sometimes some serious heartache), but they can indeed work — provided both people are willing to put in the extra effort required to stay connected despite the distance.

In fact, one 2016 study in the Journal of Communication revealed that people in long-distance relationships feel emotionally closer to their partners than people who live in the same geographic region. Long-distance couples also reported sharing more with their SOs, and feeling like their partners were really listening to them. Meanwhile, 2013 research conducted at the Queen's University found that the further apart the couple was, the better they were doing in regards to satisfaction, intimacy, and communication. (Take that, LDR skeptics.)

These days, LDR couples are fortunate enough to have Skype, Snapchat, Facetime, WhatsApp, and a range of other tools at their fingertips to stay connected. And as it turns out, science says that long distance relationships can be just as healthy and satisfying (if not more so) as relationships in which there’s no distance involved. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t brutal to live far away from bae. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship, you’ve tried one in the past, or you’re about to embark on one, these tweets should sound familiar AF.

The LDR Must-Haves
bratheo_7 on Twitter

Let's not underestimate the importance of that last item on the list. Because TBH, we all have to maintain our sanity somehow.

When you forget about "maintenance."
katauriel on Twitter

Hygiene can fall a bit by the wayside when you've got thousands of miles between you... until, that is, you realize bae is coming this weekend.

When you become a pro at digital affection.
olyncp on Twitter

It may not measure up to a real makeout, but it's something, right? (Pro tip: Take a screenshot of your SO mid-smooch. You'll want to refer back to this when you're missing them.)

When you get creative about "quality time."
kar_m12 on Twitter

In an ideal world, you'd be whipping up dinner together. But at least you can still watch them flex their chef skills from afar.

When communication is key.
krissyraye97 on Twitter

If you're in an LDR, you get used to talking on the phone — a lot. After all, keeping up that contact can make you feel like you aren't so far away from each other. Good thing you have an unlimited plan.

When technical difficulties get in the way.
ajcesarrr on Twitter

Sometimes technology can help bring you closer to boo. And then sometimes it can really get in the way — like when you're right in the middle of telling your partner a hilarious story from your morning commute, and you see this pesky little notification. Not cool.

When you stay connected by taking selfies... a lot of selfies.
xolintombela1 on Twitter

Every once in a while you like to remind bae of what they're missing. In these cases, visual inspiration is so key. Snap a quick selfie and they'll be booking a flight before you know it.

When you become self-sufficient AF.
smackncheeze on Twitter

LDR con: You may feel lonely sometimes. LDR pro: You've gotten used to being on your own, so you're independent AF.

When you realize there's a major reward in play.
_kingarep on Twitter

As they say, no risk, no reward — and that's the thing about LDRs: They can be demanding and even downright difficult sometimes, but they also come with all kinds of perks. Distance can not only deepen your sense of independence and your trust with your SO, and it can potentially make you and your partner appreciate your time together even more. What's a time difference when you have so much in common. right?

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