3 Myers-Briggs Personality Types That'll Never Get Back Together With Their Ex

If you've broken things off with a boo or you've recently learned some unsavory things about someone you used to date — getting back with an ex may not even be crossing your mind. Whether your ex was kind of a dud, you're totally loving being single, or you're happily dating someone that doesn't bail on you all the time and doesn't have a literal tattoo of the liberty bell (don't ask), there are tons of reasons you may be considering never getting back together with an ex.

From learning what breakfast cereal you would be, to finding the perfect vacation based on your sleeping habits, there are no shortage of personality quizzes out there on the web. Still the #OG remains the Myers Briggs Personality Types, which, BTW, was invented by powerful women and is often used in workplaces and schools. Your personality type can be super insightful in unpacking how you best communicate, finish projects, connect to others, and set goals. It also can be pretty enlightening as to how you navigate romantic relationships.

And if you're one of these three Myers Briggs Personality Types, you may be totally unlikely to get back with an ex.

ENTJ (Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging) — "The Commander"

Strong-willed ENTJs like to make their own way. Driven by change and organization, they aren't likely to change their minds or go back on their choices. After a breakup, ENTJ probably has little intention on going back to their ex. ENTJs live for order and logic, they can probably point out exactly why the relationship ended and why they have no intentions of trying to start it up again. ENTJs are natural leaders that are likely to follow their head more than their heart. In the wake of a breakup, they're probably keeping busy by following through on some major life goals.

INFP (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving) — "The Idealist"
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Don't let the name fool you, it's not that INFPs idealize their past relationships, it's that they're super inspired by growth and possibility. Although they are particularly skilled at seeing the good in even the worst situations, after the end of a relationships, INFPs are probably off seeing what else is out there for them. Great at knowing who they are and expressing themselves INFPs are independent angels that are driven by dreams and growth. INFPs take destiny seriously, and if a relationship has run its course, they're not likely to temp fate by trying to make it work again.

ESTJ (Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging) — "The Executive"

ESTJs always cross on the crosswalk and wouldn't think of pouring their organic milk before pouting their fiber-full cereal. Living for order, rules, and structure, ESTJs are traditional and logical. If a relationship ends, these grounded superstars are not likely to retrace their steps. Learning from the past, these analytical angels are likely to access their entire relationship so much that they'd be unlikely to return to it. ESTJs live by logic and fact, they're not likely to be swayed by their hearts or fond memories. If a relationship ended, ESTJs are likely to think there was good reason for it to, and are confident in their choices.

Of course, no matter your personality type, if getting back together with your ex feels right — you know what's best for you. The end of a relationship can bring forth all sorts of feelings, and sometimes, what first feels like a big breakup ends up being just a sort of break. But if have no interest in rekindling things with an old flame, as T-Swift would say, you never ever, ever, have to get back together — like, ever.