4 Zodiac Signs Who Would Never Stand You Up, So Ask Them Out ASAP

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Let's face it: Getting stood up sucks. You put on real pants, with a fly and everything. You did your hair, even though it was acting up today. You splurged on an Uber because of the aforementioned hair situation made you miss the train. You finally get to the restaurant that you didn't even want to go to in the first place, only to receive a totally lame, "Can't make it. Something came up" text two hours too late. Of course, if you're dating someone totally reliable, you're probably pretty sure that your partner would never stand you up. And if they're a Cancer, Virgo, Libra, or Pisces — their zodiac sign may have something to do with it.

From being there for their loved ones to making a plan and sticking to it, these signs are the ones you can depend on. Whether you have a big date or your work is throwing a party and it would mean a lot to have your boo there, these signs will show up for you. Like, literally — they will show up when they said they were coming.

Here are the four zodiac signs that will never stand you up.

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Cancer (June 21–July 22)

The mother of the zodiac, Cancer the crab is known for showing up for the people they care about. Reliable and loving, tender Cancer wouldn't dream of standing someone up for a date or an event that they said they'd attend. Known for being empathic and caring, this water sign would think too much about the pain they would cause before blowing off someone they loved.

Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22)

Known for coloring inside the lines, Virgos are often considered perfectionists. Though their dedication to doing things the right way can sometimes come off as a little rigid — when it comes to love, Virgos are reliable. When this earth sign says they'll be somewhere, you can expect them to be there, probably ten minutes early with a full itinerary for the evening.

Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)

Don't get it twisted, in the beginning of a romance, this air sign can sometimes be really flirty and flakey. However, when it comes to a full-on committed relationship, Libra is good at seeing things from their partner's perspective. If they know something is a big deal to their boo, they will cross oceans to be there. Ruled by Venus, Libras love to love, and want their partners to feel cared for.

Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20)

Big on second chances, Pisces is likely to give someone another shot if they get stood up, but it's unlikely they would ever stand anyone up themselves. Known for their intuition, Pisces are tuned into their partner's needs. This fish means what they say and will do everything in their power to make their boos feel special. Pisces will put their own plans aside to support the people they love.

When it comes to dating, Cancers, Pisces, Virgos, and Libras will put their money where their mouth is. Of course, something really can come up before a big date or event. Nobody's perfect, and sometimes, you may have to cancel plans pretty last minute. Still, if you can't make a date or, for whatever reason, you're no longer interested, sending a quick text or calling before can be a lot more considerate than bailing without a word. Everyone is out here trying their best — and being a standup person can mean doing your part to not stand people up.

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