The Perfect Boyfriend For Each Zodiac Sign

by Gigi Engle

Anyone who tries to say the stars don't have an impact on your life is either lying or misinformed.

The zodiac has the power to influence everything you do and infiltrate every facet of your life. Your sign says a lot about your choices, passions and goals.

As a proud Scorpio lady, I can tell you that I am certainly highly passionate, hard to handle and pretty jealous. I'm tough, but I'm awesome. No doubt that dating me is a challenge.

That is why I have become very acquainted with the stars when it comes to finding love. I don't want to end up with someone who is in no way compatible with me and find out when it's too late.

I'd rather know now, wouldn't you?

Your sign literally dictates whom you should and should not date. Whether you're a Gemini, Cancer, Taurus or something else, you should know what to look for in a mate. And if you and your love interest are right for each other, your signs will reflect that.

Find the perfect boyfriend for your sign:

Aries woman (March 21 - April 19)

The Aries lady is a bold, fierce woman with a staunch sense of independence. She's also stable and logical. She has a good head on her shoulders and the energy to take on whatever life throws at her.


Cancer: The Cancer man is charming and highly attracted to the high energy of the Aries gal. He enjoys the challenge of dating the complex Aries and brings out the best in her.

Pisces: He is sensitive to the emotions of the Aries girl, and his trustworthiness will go far with her.

Don't date:

Gemini: Don't be fooled! The passion may be WHITE HOT, but the Gemini man is too fiery and emotional for the level-headed Aries girl.

Leo: He's too intense and dominating for the independent Aries. These two signs will always repel each other.

Taurus woman (April 20 - May 20)

The Taurus woman loves to indulge in the finer things in life. She is a gal who gets a kick out of luxury. She's also a committed lover and friend. She will always keep you guessing with her gentle mystery.


Taurus: For the Taurus woman, a Taurus man can be a true soulmate. The matching signs align on a fundamental and beautifully passionate level.

Cancer: The Cancer guy can meet the highly sensitive needs of the Taurus girl. They complement each other and feed off each other's highly emotional energies.

Don't date:

Leo: The Leo is too demanding for the Taurus and her love of leisure. He will likely grow bored of her easy-going lifestyle, and she will grow resentful of his constant need for stimulation.

Sagittarius: The Taurus girl has nothing in common with the Sagittarius man. She is too relaxed; he is too set in his ways.

Gemini woman (May 21 - June 20)

The Gemini girl is wistful and romantic. Never jaded by the world, she is pure of heart and always a true believer in love. She is versatile, adventurous and friendly. She is very likable and can make friends no matter where she is.


Cancer: The Cancer man is looking for his one true love, and the Gemini woman is looking for the man to make her his girl. These romantic signs understand each other to the core.

Libra: Both signs enjoy physical and mental stimulation. They will never tire of each other. He is independent, and she is flexible. They complement each other.

Don't date:

Scorpio: A Gemini is too easygoing and relaxed for the fiery Scorpio man. He gets too jealous and tires her out. The Gemini girl craves stability.

Virgo: The Virgo man is far too quiet for the Gemini girl. It will drive her insane.

Cancer woman (June 21 - July 22)

She is ambitious but always kind. She is attracted to people who share in her passions. She tends to be a bit on the sensitive side, but this is due to her high level of emotional intelligence. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh.


Libra: The Libra man is stable and self-assured. He likes balance in both his professional and personal life. He is highly compatible with the Cancer girl because he can level her out and make her feel secure.

Taurus: The Taurus guy is steady and down-to-earth. Given the Cancer gal's high proclivity for emotion, he's the kind of guy to chill her out.

Don't date:

Scorpio: He is too passionate and intense for the fired-up Cancer. Both signs can be jealous, and this does not make for a suitable match.

Virgo: Both signs are shy about expressing themselves, though they both feel things a great deal. The lack of proper communication can be a nightmare for this twosome.

Leo woman (July 23 - August 22)

The Leo girl has an ego, and she knows it. She likes to be adored. When she finds love, she is extremely loyal and steadfast. She makes a strong partner for the softer signs and a great match for the equally vivacious.


Gemini: He is a kind-hearted gentleman who will always make the Leo girl feel loved. He admires her steely personality and appreciates her hardheadedness.

Scorpio: Like the Leo girl he loves, he is passionate, but he never dominates. Both signs have a keen sense of loyalty. Once bound, these two cannot be separated.

Don't date:

Aquarius: The Aquarius man gives himself too freely to the Leo girl. She would swallow him whole. She needs someone who can stand up to her and never cave.

Capricorn: The free-spirited nature of the Capricorn guy is at odds with the highly motivated Leo girl. She will want him to adhere to a structure that the Capricorn simply cannot abide by.

Virgo woman (August 23 - September 22)

The Virgo girl gets lost inside of her own thoughts. She is thoughtful and quiet. The darling Virgo is secretly very vulnerable and tries her best to hide it. She is hard to read at times, but once she's won over, she'll be yours forever.


Libra: The Libra man is steadfast in his convictions. When he sets his sights on our Virgo girl, he will not stop until he has captured her heart. He is logical and caring. He would never break her heart.

Capricorn: The Capricorn will pull the Virgo woman from her shell. He is not intimidated by her mysterious and guarded nature. Once the Virgo gives in to him, she will open up and reveal her true, marvelous self.

Don't date:

Cancer: With both signs veering toward intense sensitivity, it can be hard for the two to function in a couple. The Virgo girl is more adapt to solid grounded signs.

Pisces: Like the Virgo, the Pisces man is meek. The two could likely not make it through one successful date without an overload of unwanted nerves.

Libra woman (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is the most self-aware sign in the zodiac. The Libra woman knows what she wants and won't stop until she gets it. She is logical and balanced. She will never settle for anything other than the best. She is driven, grounded and great with communication.


Sagittarius: The Sagittarius man is an unlikely -- but happy -- match for the hardheaded Libra woman. He is a free spirit, and she is Alpha, but together they just work. He opens her mind to the world, and she brings him back down to earth. They join together when their incredible minds meet in harmony.

Leo: Both the Leo man and the Libra girl are fiercely loyal. She checks his ego, and he challenges her with his playfulness. The Leo and Libra are true soulmates.

Don't date:

Capricorn: The Capricorn man is too directionless for the goal-oriented Libra girl. The Libra woman sees his sense of adventure and freedom as laziness. While the chemistry is often there, the passion tends to burn out quickly.

Pisces: The Libra lady has zero tolerance for the highly sensitive Pisces. She is unabashedly honest, and he cannot take that kind of forth rightfulness.

Scorpio woman (October 23 - November 21)

The Scorpio is the most challenging of the signs. She is highly emotional, jealous and passionate. Her demands are great both mentally and physically. Her appetite for physical intimacy is often overwhelming, and her dark sense of humor and sharpened tongue can be misunderstood. She is an intense woman, but if captured, will rock your world.


Capricorn: The Capricorn's critical thinking skills and patience make him an ideal guy for the imaginative and fearless Scorpio girl. The Capricorn and Scorpio just genuinely enjoy each other's company. The chemistry between these two signs is incredible and won't fizzle out any time soon.

Leo: The Leo and Scorpio feed off each other's passion. The Leo man is captured by the lusty zeal of the Scorpio's love, and she feels grounded in his loyalty but balanced by his independence. These two signs are a match made in the stars.

Don't date:

Scorpio: A Scorpio man would do well to steer clear of his female Scorpio counterpart. This sign is so full of intensity that adding more fuel to the flames is dangerous. The physical connection between the two is legendary, but the romance is toxic.

Gemini: The Gemini man is too romantic for the intense Scorpio. She thinks he's cheesy; he finds her dangerously erotic. The Gemini guy becomes transfixed on the Scorpio, which makes her feel smothered.

Sagittarius woman (November 22 - December 21)

The Sagittarius girl knows no fear. She is the queen of adventure and freedom. She is a zero drama kind of woman. Above all else, she will always follow her heart -- wherever it leads. When it comes to love, she's looking for someone to share in her adventures and conquer the world with her.


Aries: People born under Aries and Sagittarius are social butterflies with a taste for adventure. They are fun-loving and easygoing, and they rarely deal with relationship drama. An Aries and Sagittarius pairing is filled to the brim with love and joy.

Aquarius: An Aquarius man may not be a forever match for the Sagittarius woman, but he will always help her grow as a person. He thrives on her thirst for adventure, and they both enjoy a wild chemistry.

Don't date:

Taurus: The Taurus man will never see eye-to-eye with the Sagittarius girl. He prefers to stick close to the land and home while she only wishes to fly free. The Taurus man's need for stability will be uprooted by the Sagittarius' nomadic existence.

Virgo: The Virgo man needs order and constant reassurance. The Sagittarius girl will not be able to fit the bill. She is busy looking ahead while he is too busy living in the present.

Capricorn woman (December 22 - January 19)

The Capricorn is goal-oriented but fun-loving. She has a fantastic sense of humor. She is often serious and introverted, but she possesses a lot of patience and awesome problem-solving skills. She is good at seeing the big picture and is dedicated to her path.


Pisces: While the Pisces sensitive nature may seem him an unlikely match for the Capricorn girl, the two signs are actually a perfect match. The Capricorn helps to stabilize the uneasy Pisces while also providing herself with a sense of security. The Pisces man helps to bring a little light into the serious Capricorn's world.

Virgo: The Virgo man is the Capricorn girl's soulmate. Neither sign is fraught with passion or emotion, but the deep-seated love between the Virgo and Capricorn is undeniable. Though their union often sails on a placid sea, they delight in the comforts of one another.

Don't date:

Leo: The Leo man is a handful, and the Capricorn girl does not need such an unpredictable partner. He needs to be the center of attention, and she has far more important things on her mind. The Capricorn woman may come off as cold to the ego-rich Leo man, but really she is just practical.

Aries: The Aries guy and Capricorn girl could not be more at odds. He is lighthearted and carefree where she is prudent and logical. The Capricorn girl needs a partner who is focused on the future, and the Aries guy is too busy living for the next great adventure.

Aquarius woman (January 20 - February 18)

The Aquarius woman is always moving forward. She is a natural creative and always looking for improvement and innovation. She does not like to be placed inside a box. While she appears extraverted, she often has trouble showing her true feelings. She values her freedom and the ability to move without being tied down.


Libra: The Libra guy fits easily with the flexible Aquarius. Both signs love being social and outgoing. The Libra man appreciates the Aquarius woman's need for creativity and intelligent pursuits, and the two find each other's company stimulating and exciting.

Gemini: Both signs are decidedly charming. When together, they have the power to corner the attention of any room. The chemistry between these two signs is amazing, since both lean a bit on the wild side. The Gemini guy is possibly the only sign that can hold down an Aquarius girl forever.

Don't date:

Scorpio: The Scorpio man is too wrapped up in jealousy to comfortably date the Aquarius girl. She is not willing to be tamed, and her flightiness proves too much for the demanding Scorpio. The Aquarius soon grows indifferent to his intensity, and he becomes enraged by her lack of commitment.

Pisces: The Pisces man is too demanding for the free-spirited Aquarius. Like the Scorpio man, the Pisces man needs a lot of attention and care. He is dependent, and she is untethered. The Aquarius woman can only function in a relationship with a partner as independent as she is.

Pisces Woman (February 19 - March 20)

The Pisces girl is difficult to understand. She is sensitive and emotional and observant. She is a creative, and she's always in the middle of making something. She is shy, sweet and often a bit scatterbrained. She is a thinker and a feeler.


Cancer: Like his Pisces girl, the Cancer man is compassionate. Both partners are in tune with their emotions and feel safe enough with each other to share themselves completely. The Cancer man is a natural protector, and the Pisces warms to this need. The love these two signs share is fluid and long-lasting.

Capricorn: The Capricorn is not put off by the Pisces' tendency toward dreaminess and lack of focus. He provides a much-needed foundation for her to hold on to. He finds her sweet and sensitive nature endearing, and she finds his wisdom and logic very appealing.

Don't date:

Gemini: The Gemini is too candid for the easily heartbroken Pisces. His filter-less repertoire may be too much for the sweet and sensitive Pisces, causing her feelings to get hurt. She is more suited to a sensitive sign to make her feel secure. The Gemini man is too free-spirited for a sign that needs constant reassurance of his love.

Libra: The Libra man's logical nature is ill-suited for the Pisces woman. In arguments, he brings up the cold hard facts, reducing her to tears. His need for social stimulation will drive the Pisces girl crazy, as she is more comfortable in her solitude.