How Your Relationship With Your Cousin Changes From Your Teens To Your 20s

All relationships are different, but individually, they tend to change over time. You and your bestie from first grade aren't necessarily swapping your chocolate pudding and pretzels at lunch anymore, and you've made some new friends along the way. It's all part of life, and doesn't mean that split heart bracelet is any less significant. In fact, when your friendships go through these changes, they become stronger and deeper. When you're in your 20s, you'll notice how your relationship with your cousin changes, in particular. She's the family member who became your best friend. But, you two aren't teenagers anymore.

Back in the day, you'd be causing all sorts of trouble together at the family holiday parties. She's always been your partner-in-crime, and your relatives knew to brace themselves for that initial squeal when you two were reunited for the first time in what felt like forever. You'd anxiously await her arrival, and would wear that new cute outfit you got at the mall the week before, so she could see it in person. (Sometimes, endless FaceTime calls and text messages just aren't enough, you know?)

Now that you're 20-something, so many aspects of your life feel different. You look back on pictures from when you were in high school and think, "Wow, I was so young!" You still are, but you're also well on your way to being an adult. You'll notice lots of changes in your relationships, including these seven between you and your cousin.

You May Be Doing Long-Distance, Instead Of Seeing Each Other All The Time

As a teen, you didn't really know what a long-distance relationship was like until your cousin came around. One day, you figured you may be off at college and learning to be away from your besties at home. But, you never really had much practice with having your closest pal be in an entirely different state, or even time zone. Yikes!

Now, you and your cousin are in your 20s, and might be spending more time apart than you originally expected. It's nothing personal — life just got super busy, and you're living in your own worlds. Putting in a little extra effort to see each other is key.

You're Planning Your Own Adventures, Instead Of Waiting For Your Family

On that note, you and your cousin aren't going to wait around for your family get-togethers to see each other anymore. After all, those barbecues only happen once a summer, and then it's another six months until the holidays roll around. Sure, you've been planning her present well in advance, but in the meantime, you want to make even more memories.

She'll be the best travel buddy, because you two are basically the same person. When you're in desperate need of a sweet escape, you'll always be able to count on her for a weekend trip up to the mountains or a cozy beach. Always bring your passport along just in case, too, OK?

You May Be Living Together, Instead Of With Your Parents

You and your cousin may even be roommates in your 20s, and get to share an apartment in the city. You'll go grocery shopping together on week nights, and have a friend crew that grabs coffee before heading off to work. It's all very Friends-esque, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

Truth is, when you two were doing long-distance, it was really tough to stay close and connected. She'd catch you up on her latest adventures during really long phone calls, but now you get to eat dinner together and talk about your days. Living with your siblings was good for a while, but your cousin is truly the best friend (and roommate) you'll ever have.

You're Celebrating Weddings, Instead Of Graduations

You and your cousin have had a lot of milestones over the years. But, in your 20s, you'll likely be celebrating weddings within your family, instead of high school graduations and dance recitals where you landed the solo. Maybe one of your older siblings is getting married, or your cousin is saying, "I do" with her significant other. You've been dreaming about being her bridesmaid since the first day you became best friends.

You'll tear up a bit when you see her walking down the aisle. She looks gorgeous in her dress, and you're realizing that you really did grow up. Even in your teens, you two were running around the kitchen pretending to be brides. Time moves fast, huh?

You're Supporting Each Other At Work, Instead Of Soccer Games

Growing up means starting to put the pieces of your career in place. You're getting internships, and starting to consider your first job. Although you and your cousin may not be going down the exact same path, she's always there to support you.

She'll be there when you're venting about work at happy hour, or need some advice about relocating for a position that seems like the perfect fit. As teens, you'd always go to each other's sporting events and cheer from the sidelines. This is sort of the same thing, but much more important (in my personal opinion). Making your passion into your paycheck takes people like her to lift you up and show you the possibilities.

You're Babysitting Each Other's Kids, Instead Of Having A Babysitter

The "kid's table" just got a little bit bigger. Yes, in your 20s, you and your cousin will still be sitting in the kitchen at family parties. But, it's more fun than ever before, because there's likely at least one baby in the mix. You're all starting to settle down, and have families of your own. It's not totally official, but you're hoping to be considered the "cool aunt."

On the weekends, your cousin will ask you to babysit sometimes, so that she can get some errands done, and vice versa. Your kids are going to be best friends, too — they just don't know it yet.

You're Talking About Life, Instead Of The Latest Trends

Conversations with your cousin change a lot once you get older. You may have already noticed that you're mentioning the gas mileage on your car, instead of the coolest brands to shop or celebrity drama. You're having long talks about life, and where you see yourself in a few years. *Cue some tears, am I right?*

Your cousin is more legit than your best friend because of these heart-to-hearts. You know that you can go to her with your wildest questions about life, and she'll always give it to you straight. She'll tell you that some relationships come and go, but that the two of you have a bond that's meant to last forever. Even though you're not teenagers anymore, there's still a lot ahead for you two in your 20s.