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Here's How You Love To Be Spoiled, Based On Your Sign

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Admit it: You love being spoiled. I promise I won’t tell anyone! Sure, it’s a quality society tends to look down upon. The mere mention of the word probably has you thinking of crying children at Toys "R" Us or the way some people call their dogs their children. If I’m hitting the nail on the head here, I’m gonna ask you to set all those preconceived notions aside and embrace your deepest and darkest desire to be spoiled. It’s actually pretty fun to feed your spoiled rotten demons every once in a while. It’s also majorly important that if your loved ones are a bit clueless on how to do that, letting them know how you like to be spoiled, according to your zodiac sign, can make all the difference. Honestly, if they don’t spoil you every now and then, are they even your loved ones to begin with?

Maybe you’re the subtle type who just wants someone to make you breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning. Perhaps you’re the type that wants someone to rent you a party bus just to celebrate your half-birthday. Either way, I love you. I see you. I get you. Read on to find out what your zodiac sign says about how you like to be spoiled:

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If you're game enough to spoil an Aries, it better be a grandiose, over-the-top display of affection. The bigger, the better. If you plan on throwing them a birthday party, it needs to rival Project X. If you want to send them flowers, you better deliver every single rose at the flower shop to their front door. Buy them a castle in France if you can. Spoil them like they're a queen — because they are. Don't you dare underwhelm an Aries.


If you feel like spoiling a Taurus, you need to titillate their senses. A back rub with their favorite essential oils or a home-cooked dinner accompanied by an expensive bottle of wine are both good places to start. Hand-feed them macarons while you sit together in a garden. If you can somehow manage to stimulate their mind and body at the same time, you're doing it right. A Taurus is a goddess of sensuality. Don't forget it.


For a Gemini to feel genuinely spoiled, you need to get them where they're most vulnerable: their intellect. Spoil them with a stimulating, conversation, spin them some poetry where you somehow manage to rhyme their name with "orange," compare their eyes to the moons of the Andromeda galaxy. The more creative you are with words, the more spoiled they'll feel. A Gemini is basically Shakespeare reincarnated.


To truly spoil a Cancer, you need to be so sweet that they walk away with cavities. If you're worried it's too gushy or cliché, then it's perfect. Give them a friendship necklace where you wear one half of the heart and they wear the other. Tie a ribbon around a golden retriever puppy's collar and hand it to them as a gift on Christmas morning. If a Cancer is not crying ugly tears of joy over how much you spoil them, you're doing it wrong.



Don't spoil a Leo — worship the ground they walk on instead. Remind them day in and day out how talented they are, how smart they are, how much you idolize them, and a Leo will feel more than satisfied. They're a superstar and you need to be their ultimate fan. If they haven't won an Oscar yet, make them feel like they already have. A Leo is the sun to you or nothing at all. It's really quite simple.


A Virgo notices everything — every single tiny detail that most people would overlook. It doesn't take a lot to spoil a Virgo. If you want to make them feel loved, all you have to do is think about the little things. Write them a sweet note if you leave for work before they wake up in the morning. Send them a really thoughtful goodnight text that lets them know you're thinking about them. Buy them a cupcake. A cupcake never fails.


A Libra loves being spoiled in every literal sense of the word. They want countless gifts, shopping sprees, and cookies and ice cream with every meal. Remember, we're dealing with the most hedonistic sign of the zodiac here. "Pleasure" is their middle name and "spoiled" is their favorite mode of existence. Respect it. If you're not down with that type of lifestyle, they'll just charm someone else into spoiling them.


All a Scorpio needs to feel spoiled is some passion, intensity, and hardcore romance. We're not talking "romantic comedy" type of romance — we're talking Romeo and Juliet getting married in secret or Jack sacrificing his life to save Rose at the end of Titanic. Make them feel like you would do anything in the world for them, no matter how intense it may seem. I'm telling you, Scorpios just eat that stuff up.

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You better have a wild itinerary planned if you feel like spoiling a Sagittarius. They want adventure, spontaneity, and an adrenaline rush they'll never forget. Tell them you're staying in for the day, then shock them with a trip to Disneyland instead. Tell them you've got no birthday plans for them, then watch how spoiled rotten they'll feel when all their friends yell, "Surprise!" Don't you dare bore them. It's such a waste of a good Sagittarius.


Capricorns are more traditional when it comes to being spoiled. If you treat them like their knight in shining armor or save them from a tower guarded by a ferocious dragon, they'll feel satisfied. (I never said it was easy.) Capricorns are definitely hard to impress and they don't try to hide it. However, if you keep trying to spoil them and you never give up, no matter what, they'll definitely feel like royalty.


Aquarians abhor all things cliché, so you're going to have to be creative, maybe even ingenious, in order to spoil them. Pay attention to all the weird and random things they care about and spoil them with those things in mind. If they have a strange obsession with ferrets (I wouldn't put it past an Aquarius), get them a ferret T-shirt. If they mentioned that they love the renaissance faire, buy two tickets and dress up like King Henry VIII.


Here's the thing about Pisces: They're probably the ones spoiling you. They're so self-sacrificing, it's easy to forget that they need a little attention every now and then too. If you're the one giving it to them, make them feel like they're living in a dream. Slow dance with them anywhere and everywhere. Serenade them on the beach at twilight. Lay rose petals all over their bed. Anything that feels like something out of a movie, do it.

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