How To Take A Cute Instagram With A Pool Float To Inflate Your Insta Likes

More pool floats, please! I can't get enough of the fact that there's flamingos all over my feed. What started with cute tropical tubes turned into ice cream cones and golden swans — and did you see the one that fits all of your friends? You may be wondering how to take a cute Instagram with a pool float. After all, you don't want to be like everyone else on Insta, but want to get your own pic onto the 'Gram.

Personally, I think we have Taylor Swift to blame for the pool float trend. She posted that iconic photo on Instagram of her and Calvin Harris riding a swan in the middle of summer, and suddenly everybody needed one ASAP. That day, I started scrolling through Amazon while I was at work, trying to find the float that would be fun, but not exactly like everybody else's. Keep in mind: I don't even have a pool, and was having way too much trouble picking just one.

Nowadays, the choices are endless. Stores came out with doughnuts and even avocado-shaped floats. So, you'll always be relaxing in style. On those super hot days, you may choose to swim or even head down to the beach, ditching your float along the way. But, when the sun is shining, you're bound to have a photo shoot with your picture-perfect purchase. It's sort of a must, am I right? One of these seven poses won't be basic, and will keep your summer and social media looking fresh.

The "Friends Who Float" Photo
rachelj_cc on Twitter

When it comes to pool float pictures, the more the merrier. Your crew could all squeeze onto a doughnut, or get one of those giant swans. The best part about this picture will be that it's candid. Let's be honest: Posing on a pool float with all of your friends is going to be funny, and a bit dysfunctional.

Maybe you're having a summer party, or breaking out the barbecue food. If that's the case, there's bound to be at least one photo shoot. Just don't let your bestie walk out with your tube. She's been eyeing it all day.

The "Just Lounging Around" Look
Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy

Imagine this: You and your besties are spending the afternoon together. You all brought your flamingos, and are going to relax without a worry in the world. Every once in a while, somebody will accidentally bump into you, but it's OK! Now, you're just headed into another part of the pool. You couldn't be more content with your current situation.

In that moment, you have to get the 'Gram. Ask your friend who just got out of the pool to grab your phone and take a picture of you lounging. One arm should probably be thrown back, and your sunnies should be on. Just like that, you captured a weekend well spent.

The "Kissing My Pool Float" Pic
Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy

Show all of your love for your pool float on social media with a smooch. Personally, I love this kind of picture, because it's a little fun and flirty. It gives you a chance to show off your cute new bathing suit, and your latest purchase. Your summer changes when you have a romance, but nobody said anything about falling head over heels for a flamingo float.

Sometimes, the cutest summer 'Grams aren't even from when you're in the water. Even if you're hanging down by the beach, try posing for a picture in the sand instead of the waves. You may be surprised by the results in your camera roll.

The "Focus On The Float" Shot

You really just want to show off your popsicle on your feed. So, get a little unconventional and take floating on this device out of the picture. That's right, you don't even need to pose too much to get a cute 'Gram during your happiest days of summer.

Instead, walk along your pool float while you're getting into the water, or even hold it up for the camera to see. You may peek around the corner, or even put your head in the hole of the avocado. Use your creativity on this one — the possibilities are endless (and not basic at all).

The "Better Where It's Wetter" Angle
Milles Studio/Stocksy

For this shot, find your tallest friend. Essentially, you want this image to come from an aerial view, so that you can show social media you're incredibly relaxing surroundings. Your photographer may need to get on a chair, or does anyone have a drone? You know what they say: Do it for the 'Gram.

With this kind of photo, you should get most creative with your caption. Anything from a cute beach pun to a sweet summer phrase would be a perfect fit, and show your followers you're living your best life.

The "Can't Go Without My Coffee" Capture
brandonvine on Twitter

Parting with your coffee is never an option, not even when it comes to the pool. Lucky for you, your caffeine never has to sit on the sidelines again, with a tube that lets your iced fave relax right by your side.

For this 'Gram, you just need to order a drink that's cool with being in front of a camera. Sometimes your iced coffee can get a little shy, but it'll always be the sweetest thing on your feed. (Mostly because you added a lot of extra sugar. Whoops!)

The "Pups And Pool Floats" Pic
jennadelpozzo on Twitter

When in doubt, put your pup on a pool float. Your followers will love seeing your fluff enjoying the purest moments of summer. Not to mention, Saturday's are supposed to be for the good boys.

At this point, the focus might not be on the pineapple you purchased, but that's OK. You've been taking a lot of selfies lately, or just feel awkward in front of the camera. So, playing photographer is a great idea. You'll tell your dog to say cheese, and likely feel like a proud mom.

Truth is, this summer you really don't want to be basic. So getting creative with your pictures on Instagram is necessary. Whether it's striking a different kind of pose, or including your pup, bring something different to the pool float at the party that's happening on social media.