I Got A Psychic Reading & How I Prepared For It Made All The Difference

by Minerva Siegel

Psychics have always intrigued me, but I’ve been apprehensive about going to one. What if the person I go to is a scammer without any supernatural sight? What if they have negative energy that transfers to me during the reading? Can psychics be dangerous? What if the psychic tells me something I don’t really want to know? Do the potential benefits outweigh any risks? My curiosity eventually led me to searching for local psychics on Google. There are so many in Milwaukee, and even after spending an afternoon pouring over their websites, I really had no idea which one to book a session with or how to prepare for a psychic reading in the first place.

I told a good friend of mine about my plan to have a reading done, and she immediately suggested clairvoyant Deborah Lighthart. After checking out her social media and getting good vibes, I booked a session with her for the next day. My energy on a day-to-day basis is pretty scattered. It’s something I’m aware of and actively working on. I deal with ADHD and anxiety, so, in addition to taking mental health medications and seeing a psychiatrist regularly, I do a lot of spiritual energy work to center myself.

I thought having focused, clear energy would help Lighthart psychically read me during the session, so I made it my goal to manifest and center my vibes in preparation. She ended up giving me such an on-point, helpful reading, and I’m convinced the way I prepared for it made all the difference. Here’s how I did it.

Start With A Stretch Sesh

Photo of Minerva stretching with her mastiff, who's always in the way

As soon as I woke up on the morning of the psychic session, I drank a big glass of water, and started my day with some simple stretching and basic yoga poses. I’m physically disabled, so I have to modify most of my yoga poses to suit my disabilities and that’s OK. Perfection isn’t the point; the point is to comfortably loosen up my body. I always feel like my energy flows more freely after a good stretch sesh. After half an hour, I was ready for the next step in my energy cleansing and manifestation process.

Sage Away, Sage Away, Sage Away

Photo by Minerva Siegel

After a light breakfast smoothie, I got my "Orinoco Flow" on with Enya, and began to spiritually cleanse myself by burning sage. Enya's music always helps to get my energy in a calm, centered state, and burning sage awakens my psychic channels. While I was at it, I went ahead and saged my entire home to clear it of any bad vibes. To do this, I light a sage bundle until it’s smoking lightly, put it in a cute little ceramic bowl, and walk around the house with it, making sure the smoke reaches every corner of every room. The whole vibe of my living space feels lighter, fresher, and happier after saging, so I make it a weekly ritual.

Clear Quartz, Clear Mind

Photo by Minerva Siegel

Clear quartz is a great crystal to meditate with when you’re looking to cleanse energy and open your mind. It’s used for energy amplification, too. When paired with another crystal, clear quartz amplifies the effect and vibration of that crystal. I usually pair it with rose quartz, but, to prepare for my psychic reading, I decided to use it on its own.

A friend gave me some raw clear quartz she mined out of the ground herself, and I'm really attracted to its strong energy. I held a few pieces in each of my hands and meditated quietly for a few minutes. During meditation, I visualized white light running vertically through me, and tried to manifest my own energy into that solid beam of light to center it. After a little while, I felt clear-headed and ready to for the adventure that would be my session with Lighthart.

So, what do you wear to see a psychic?

Photo of Minerva, from her Instagram Stories

What exactly is one supposed to wear when seeing a psychic? Honestly, I wasn’t sure at first. I pored through my closets, grabbing blouses and skirts off hangers and carelessly discarding them after some consideration. (I’m a Sagittarius; we’re messy people, what can I say? My Capricorn moon will put it all away neatly, eventually.) I ended up settling on a comfortable outfit. I thought better of wearing something fussy that might be distracting during the session, so I wore jeans, a simple shirt, and a long, green duster I’d just found while exploring the very back of one of my walk-in closets. I paired the outfit with comfy flats. Ta-da!

During my psychic reading with Lighthart, really profound messages came through clearly and quickly. Throughout the whole session, I felt as though I was being read like an open book. She gave me so many valuable insights, and things she said to me rang deeply true in a way I wasn't expecting... but, I'll save all the juicy details for another article. I'm glad I prepared for the reading so thoroughly, because I felt the strength of my manifested vibes helped her get better insight into my world and life. Even if you're not preparing for a psychic visit, manifesting and centering your energy regularly is a good habit to get into. After all, spiritual hygiene is important, and high vibes lead to happy lives.