A young woman mixes a cookie dough bread batter in a large, teal bowl in her kitchen.
Cookie Dough Bread Exists & People On TikTok Are Totally Here For It

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In the past few months, your kitchen utensils and appliances have been put to work. You've spent entire afternoons baking sourdough bread or delicious chocolate chip cookies. Now, you're ready to learn something more advanced — aka, how to make cookie dough bread — and be more like the creative bakers on TikTok.

Thanks to those bakers who have posted tasty recipes measuring out the correct ingredients and showing close-up shots of the final results, you can confidently say that you're not a cooking novice. When mixing your dry ingredients like flour, salt, and baking soda, you know exactly which whisk and measuring cups to reach for. You've mastered epic skills such as flipping a pancake at the perfect time and speed, and cracking an egg in a way that doesn't let any pieces of the shell fall into your bowl. But, if you didn't watch those TikTok videos over and over again, you may have been a little lost, or never known that foods like cookie dough bread are a thing.

Spoiler alert: Cookie dough bread does exist, and it's fairly easy to make. Grab a bag of chocolate chips, a jar of cookie butter, and your chef's hat. Give these five recipes a try, and channel all the creative bakers on TikTok.

This Cookie Dough Bread Looks Simply Delicious

First up, follow along with this video that'll upgrade your daily snack time. It uses cookie butter from Trader Joe's, two eggs, chocolate chips, and other ingredients to create a loaf of cookie dough bread that looks so delicious. After having a slice of it, you'll reach back for more — and a glass of milk. You may even "duo" this user on TikTok to show your results.

This Cookie Dough Bread Has A Touch Of Banana

If you're a fan of banana chocolate chip cookies, you'll love this banana chocolate chip cookie dough bread on TikTok. It has all the flavors you enjoy and is fairly easy to put together. First, be sure to have the box ingredients on hand. Then, enlist your SO or roommate as a helping hand when you're mixing the dough, or cleaning up the bowls and pans afterwards.

This Cookie Dough Bread Is A Party For Your Pantry

The kitchen party will never stop if you pull the ingredients for cookie dough bread out of your pantry. That's because, as you can see in this TikTok video, baking is a tasty experiment that requires filming your creation at all angles. It requires a sweet playlist, and tossing in your chocolate chips with the style and ease of "Salt Bae."

This Cookie Dough Bread Is Made For Beginners

Sometimes, TikTok recipes won't show you the exact amounts of each ingredient you need and it can be tough to decipher in the kitchen. This video for cookie dough bread, though, brings you through every step so you don't get lost while on a baking adventure. Pause it as you need to, and enjoy learning the few steps that go into the breadmaking process. Take pics of your final results to share on Instagram or TikTok.

This Cookie Dough Bread Should Be Taste-Tested With Bae

Your SO may come along for all of your adventures, including the ones you have in the kitchen. TBH, that's perfect because you always need someone to taste-test your yummy meals or snacks. This cookie dough bread video features a couple making a loaf of bread, and reveals their reactions at the end. Watch it and recreate it with your love, so you both can be creative bakers on TikTok.

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