A young woman stands outside on a rainy street in the city in a tie-dye sweatshirt and jeans.

These Insta Captions Are Made For Tie-Dye & Posting Your Trendiest #Looks

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The TikTok videos from users who are getting crafty at home, and all of the Instagram posts from your fave influencers who are chilling in front of their full-length mirrors have made one thing clear. Tie-dye is in, and the trend isn't going anywhere this summer. Get with the program by tossing on your own trendy look, and gathering up some Instagram captions for tie-dye.

It doesn't matter if you purchased your outfit online or spent some time in your backyard this weekend thoughtfully rolling up an old T-shirt and splattering it with vibrant shades of blue, pink, and purple. Both of those looks deserve to be on social media, and captured in a creative at-home photo shoot. If you have a white sheet you would typically spread out on your bed, you can attach it to your wall and pose against it in your sweet outfit. If it's sunny outside, you can take your camera and tripod to your driveway and pretend you're going to be on a magazine cover.

Bringing in props such as a skateboard, glass of lemonade, heart-shaped pair of sunglasses, or succulent isn't absolutely necessary. However, any props you do decide to include could make your pics look so dreamy. In the editing process, if you add a touch of grain to what you capture, you can make your tie-dye look feel more vintage or timeless, too. Whatever you do, be sure to include one of these captions for tie-dye to complete the whole #look.


1. "This #look reminds me of summertime."

2. "Am I wearing another tie-dye sweatsuit? Yes."

3. "It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but a good amount of it actually is."

4. "Made this #look myself."

5. "My outfits are brought to you by tie-dye."

6. "Thank goodness tie-dye is in again, huh?"

7. "I've never met a tie-dye shirt I didn't like."

8. "New tie-dye outfits, who dis."

9. "Friends who pose in tie-dye together, stick together."

10. "All you need is love and tie-dye."

11. "Sunshine, tie-dye, and good feelings."

12. "Looking totally rad in my tie-dye."

13. "Wearing the rainbow is my favorite thing."

14. "This may be the best tie-dye look I've worn yet."

15. "Live a colorful life, babe."

16. "Girls just wanna wear tie-dye every day."

17. "Feeling all sorts of comfy and cute."

18. "If summer were a fashion trend, it would be tie-dye."

19. "Let's never let tie-dye go out of style."

20. "Today's agenda: chill out and wear tie-dye."

21. "One day, this outfit will be considered ~vintage~."

22. "In case you didn't know, tie-dye is super fly."

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23. "Big rainbow energy."

24. "Recreating my outfits from summer camp."

25. "You either love wearing tie-dye, or you're wrong."

26. "Everyone deserves to feel cute in tie-dye."

27. "Chin up, buttercup."

28. "Look on the tie-dye side."

29. "Whatever paints rainbows in your little sky."

30. "So, this is what the kids are wearing nowadays..."

31. "When in doubt, tie-dye everything."

32. "Happy thoughts and tie-dye dreams."

33. "Tie-dye is my jam."

34. "When you can't find sunshine, be the sunshine."