Harry Styles sits at a dining table on the beach in the music video for "Watermelon Sugar."
These "Watermelon Sugar" Photo Shoot Ideas Are Undeniably Sweet

For loyal fans of Harry Styles, your inspiration is currently thriving. The colorful scenes in Styles' new video for "Watermelon Sugar" of people eating fruit, hanging on the beach, and posing for some timeless pics are a goldmine and worthy of recreating at home. So, prepare to have an undeniably sweet time capturing these "Watermelon Sugar" photo shoot ideas.

They're bound to brighten up your day and be a constant reminder as to why you love Harry Styles so much. They may encourage you to play the song in the background as you pose with watermelon slices or sun rays that illuminate your hair, or to replay the music video so you can adjust your heart-shaped sunglasses or find other props to include. After hitting "play," you may notice that there are glasses of orange juice on the dining table that perfectly sits close to the ocean, and some clips take place in a summer-filled backyard.

Although you may not be able to have this shoot with your BFFs, you can still rush into your backyard and make the most of this #inspo. Here are eight ideas inspired by the video for "Watermelon Sugar" to start you off. Have a sweet time, OK?

The "But First, Summertime Brunch" Picture
GeorgiNutsov/E+/Getty Images

Don't underestimate the creative power of a summertime brunch. As you could see in Harry Styles' video, it's a colorful display that's worthy of capturing on camera. If you choose to recreate this pic, make sure you have a glass of orange juice and natural lighting.

The "Stroking My Watermelon Slice" Picture

The "Watermelon Sugar" video is "dedicated to touching." And this action is displayed early on with a scene where Styles is at the table and stroking a watermelon slice. Recreate this for the 'Gram by taking a close-up shot of your own hands stroking a watermelon slice while you sit at a similar table. Funky rings and pink nail polish isn't required, but is a nice touch.

The "Feeling Like A Fashionable Mermaid" Picture

In Styles' new video, he's wearing an all-Gucci look that's quality inspiration for your closet and your feed. Dress yourself up in a few pieces that make you feel like a fashionable mermaid, such as a bikini top with a pair of colorful leggings. Then, pose in them next to a pool, a bathtub, or something with water.

The "Soaking Up The Sun Beams" Picture

Make the most of a blue sky and whatever inspiration you can take from the "Watermelon Sugar" video with this picture. It's all about angling your camera so it's looking up, and posing as so. Add some grain to your final results to give them the same #mood as the video.

The "Play With My Hair, Please" Picture

Would your partner or roommate be down to help you with a "Watermelon Sugar"-inspired photo shoot? If so, recreate the scenes where Styles' hair is being pulled back and caressed. It will add some heat to your feed, and give you something a little spicy to post. The most creative way to get this shot? In a cute bathroom mirror or in front of a blank shower curtain.

The "My Sun Hat Is My Halo" Picture

Harry Styles is an angel, right? Well, so are you, and a sun hat you love to wear can be your halo when you're having a sweet photo shoot. Simply put it more on the back of your head so it surrounds your face in the shot, and tilt your chin up. A shade of cherry pink lipstick or sparkly eyeshadow can truly turn this photo into a real-life dream.

The "Laying Around In My Backyard" Picture
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Hanging out in your backyard this summer is about to get an upgrade thanks to Harry Styles. If the "Watermelon Sugar" vid taught you anything, it's that these kinds of hangs can include a lot of laughs and moments that make you feel alive. Show off a set-up of your own on Instagram that includes lots of grass, a few beams of sun, and colorful beach towels.

The "Touch The Sunset" Picture

Last but not least, take some cues from the final scenes of the video where everyone's hands are up at the beach, as if they're trying to touch the night sky. Recreate this at home by heading outside around when the sun sets, and putting your own hands up. Use the self-timer mode on your camera to capture laughs, smiles, and inspirational moments. Post them with one of the "Watermelon Sugar" lyrics.