You Can Get Over $100 Of Skincare For Free With Tatcha's "Lucky Bag" Of Mystery Products

Courtesy of Tatcha

Typically, the end of Christmas and the holidays signifies the end of the gift-giving season as well. However, in other cultures, the giving has just begun, and Japanese beauty brand Tatcha is channeling its heritage by celebrating Fukubukuro this January. If you're not totally sure what it is, I'll break it down in a sec, but for now, if you're really only curious as to how to get one of Tatcha's "Lucky Bag" mystery skincare gifts, just keep reading.

Update: Wow! This promotion turned out to be so popular, that Tatcha's supplies sold out incredibly quickly. This means that, as of Jan. 13, the "lucky bag" incentive has officially ended. However, the brand confirmed this will be an annual event, so around this time next year, you'll be able to snag a lucky bag all over again.

Earlier: A little backstory on Fukubukuro, courtesy of Tatcha's very informative blog post: It's a Japanese tradition celebrated at the start of each new year, during which stores in Japan have "lucky bags," or mystery bags filled with products, for sale. These bags usually contain goods worth way more than what the customer will pay for the bag itself, and the whole thing is meant to serve as a kind gesture that wishes luck, good fortune, and prosperity onto shoppers in the new year. According to Tatcha, "Fukubukuro sets the tone for the rest of the year," which is why they want to bring these good vibes to their customers worldwide in 2019, hence their Fukubukuro shopping event.

These are the brand's 2019 lucky bags, so get excited:

Courtesy of Tatcha

"I'm incredibly grateful for and inspired by you, Tatcha's client friends, and I deeply hope that 2019 provides many small moments of joy and peace for you," said brand founder Vicky Tsai in a heartfelt post on Tatcha's Instagram. Seriously, can all brands partake in Fukubukuro next year? I love the idea of getting free stuff, of course, but really, it's the genuine well-wishing and positivity that's winning me over. Go, Tatcha, go!

So, how do you snag your lucky bag? Shoppers making purchases on the Tatcha website that total over $100 will receive a complimentary mystery bag, full of products valued at over $100. Yes, please. To ensure you get your lucky bag, simply use the code "LUCK19" at checkout.

After that, the bag is all yours. Please LMK what you get inside yours, I'm so curious:

Courtesy of Tatcha

So, what should you buy to hit that $100 spending minimum required? The brand just launched their new Violet-C Brightening Serum ($88,, which promises radiant skin thanks to a powerful combo of vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids. I'm also a huge fan of The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer ($52, as a pre-makeup prep step to really smooth and perfect my base before I go in with my foundation. Also, not for nothing, but a certain duchess called Meghan Markle happens to love The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder ($65,, which means it must be pretty damn good, right?

I am so, so here for a luxury gift-with-purchase anytime, but the best part about this promotion is all the good vibes and well wishes, in my honest opinion. Who wouldn't want to start their year with a mind filled with positivity and a toiletry cabinet stocked with Tatcha? I certainly would.