7 Simple Ways To Feel So Much Closer To Your Long-Distance Bestie


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. But, when it comes to our closest friends, we already have so many feels. Maybe you moved away to college, or have just found yourselves in separate cities. Whatever the reason may be, you are in the toughest long-distance relationship of your life, and you can't help but miss having your best friend around for all of your life adventures. Sure, she's ideally just a phone call away. Phew, technology really saved us on this one. But the truth is, texting doesn't always cut it, though, and you're wondering how to feel closer to your long-distance friend when she is so many miles away.

She's your main squeeze, and the separation anxiety is so real. You've told all of your other friends a million stories about her, but bottomless brunch — along with so many other activities — just isn't the same without your true bestie.

Long-distance friendships can be so difficult, and compared to having a long-distance relationship with your significant other, they can truly be so much more stressful. You're used to having your bestie right down the block. She'd hug you when the world was getting to be just too much to handle, and make you mac and cheese late at night while you talked about all your memories. You miss having her right by your side, and we know coping can't be easy. So, if you're struggling a bit, try one of these seven things to feel much closer to your forever friend.

Tell A Funny Story About Her

Communication is key, and bottling up your emotions is never easy or efficient. When you're really missing your bestie, find another friend and tell a funny story about a time that you two shared. Talking is such a form of therapy, and you'll feel more connected to her when you're reliving your most favorite memories.

Maybe there was that time when you were both little and thought you could fool your parents by pretending to sleep, or that night in high school when you drove around for hours before hitting the diner for some french fries because you almost ran out of gas. Ah, good times.

Send Her A Sentimental Text

We don't tell our besties how much we appreciate them nearly enough. So, when you're totally in your feels over your truest friend, send a sentimental text their way. She's always been there through the thick and thin, and this text might spark an inevitable heart-to-heart. Truth is, she totally misses you as well and will be so happy to hear from you.

If you're feeling a little too cheesy, maybe add in a GIF or meme that you know she'd love. My closest long-distance friends and I always send each other links to quizzes and random tweets just to stay in touch. It's a cute reminder that no matter how far we roam, we're always on each other's minds in some way.

Print Out One Of Your Cutest Pictures Together

You've probably already filled your desk with polaroids and pictures of you with your friends and family. But, if you're missing your best friend a little more than usual, then you should go into the depths of your camera roll one more time.

Pull out cute pictures you forgot about and have them printed. Maybe pick up a cheap frame, or just grab some tape and stick them onto your wall. If you really want to go full Leslie Knope-style, you'll throw them in a best friend scrapbook and spend hours reminiscing about your beautiful best friend. Whatever you decide to do, you'll instantly feel closer to her when you see her face.

Channel Her Wardrobe In Your Closet

One of the reasons you miss your best friend so much is that she always gives you the most honest advice about your outfit options. She'll let you raid her closet when you have nothing to wear and shop with you until you both drop. Even though you're best friends and spent most of your time together, you have very individual styles. And when you find yourself missing her the most, I challenge you to channel a look straight out of her closet instead of your own.

Snap a pic and send it her way to get a second opinion. She'll love that you decided to ditch your classic boho look for a night of her edgy and eccentric taste. Sure, you'll feel totally out of your comfort zone for a minute, but you'll know exactly how to get into the right mood because she's been the best model.

Buy Her A Galentine's Day Gift

Sure, your best friend might not be around for your annual brunch. But, that doesn't have to stop you from buying a Galentine's Day gift. Show your special someone a little love, and feel instantly closer to her as you shop for the perfect present.

Thanks to next-day delivery, you'll get to see your bestie's reaction over FaceTime in just a few short hours. And if you're somehow totally unsure of what to get her, there are a thousand DIY gift guides on Pinterest and the like that you could follow — or just see what her zodiac sign would say.

Do Something She Would Do

Your best friend is really the only one who can get you out of your comfort zone. You're never really that scared to do something totally new when you've got a sidekick like her. So, when you're missing her the most, channel all that inner confidence again and do something she would do.

Maybe this means sending a rather ballsy text to your crush, or buying one of those organic snacks at the grocery store that she always seems to have. Or maybe you go all out and get a little daring. Nobody quite knows how to dance like nobody's watching like her. Truth is, she's your soul sister. So, when the distance gets difficult, you have to live life like she would for a minute and make the most of it.

Go Visit Her For A Long Weekend In Her City

They say you should follow your heart, and learning how to be more spontaneous was already on your bucket list this year. You've done everything you can to make the most of the miles between you two, but it would do you some serious good to just close the gap and see your soulmate in her city.

Spend a long weekend wandering around all the sights and catching up on all your latest stories. You'll love having the chance to make some new memories, and adventuring is always a good idea. Sometimes when the feels are really just too real, it's worth splurging on that plane ticket and seeing your best friend in person. Nothing will ever beat that reunion moment, especially when you've missed her so much.