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Galentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Bestie, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Ovaries before bro-varies. That's the girl code, and this Galentine's Day we're dedicated to it more than ever. We love our gal pals, and sometimes we don't tell them "thank you" enough. They've been there through the thick and thin: the good and bad decisions, the late-night runs for ice cream, and the millions of texts in between. Where would we truly be without them? Well, we prefer not to even think that thought. In our modern world, girl love is celebrated, and you probably already have your brunch plans in place, but if you're not totally sure what to snag for your bestie, then look to the stars for the best Galentine's Day gift ideas, based on her zodiac sign.

We have Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation to thank for Galentine's Day, but also for her unreal gift-giving standards. Thank goodness we don't have to keep up with her excessive calendar of holidays. But, we do want to get our bestie something she'll truly love because she deserves nothing less than the best. We're tired of getting the boring mugs, scarves, and other classic go-to's when it comes to gift giving. Sure, this time of the year a blanket scarf is always appreciated, but you and your bestie basically share a closet and you know she already has one too many.

So, before you start stressing, take some shopping advice from the stars and get this gift for Galentine's Day, based on your bestie's zodiac sign.



Nike Metcon 4, $130, Nike

Your bestie is an Aries, which means she loves to get active. Whether it's in the workplace or a social situation, she's always on board to make the best appearance and take on a challenge. So, a swift pair of new sneakers will be the best gift to give her.

Whether it's for hiking, hitting the gym, or just running errands, this shoe will be your besties new sidekick (other than you, you're irreplaceable *Cue Beyoncé*). She's a woman on a mission, and you're giving her even more motivation to tackle life as it comes.



Succulent & Owl Plant Pot, $20, Amazon

Your gal pal is fairly grounded. So, something that will get her in touch with greenery will not just be rewarding, but also incredibly refreshing. One of these succulents and their owl plant pots are not just super cute, but super easy and affordable.

Succulents don't take a lot of care, just a good amount of sunshine. But, your bestie is so responsible, so no matter what you know that plant will have a posh lifestyle. She'll love that she gets to surround herself with a little piece of the Earth. That's her sign, after all.


Barnes and Noble

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, $11, Barnes and Noble

You're bestie is so thoughtful, and it comes to no surprise because she's a Gemini. She's quick to get in her head, but also adapts so well to whatever situation she may find herself in. A book like The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, will help her find the perfect balance of both.Maybe you pair this present with a gift card to a local coffee shop. After all, soul-searching and poetry are best with a shot of espresso or cappuccino on the side.

Your bestie is constantly wanting to see more of the world, but you can give her an experience like no other right in her hometown with a book of poetry like this.



Reeve's Watercolor Paint Set, $15, Michaels

You're often inspired by your closest gal pal, because she always runs with her imagination. As a Cancer, she can be a bit emotional, which means you've on more than one occasion gotten a phone call where she's crying on the other side. But, she's also the best sympathetic shoulder to cry on, so you don't mind being the listening ear sometimes.

A watercolor set will be an #artsy gift to give her for Galentine's Day. She is most likely already the creative one in your crew, and now she can pick up painting. She'll find a lot of joy in letting her mind wander while she works with the watercolors.


Lolli Swim

Kat One Piece, $155 — Launching Feb. 1, Lolli Swim

Your lady is a Leo. She's a summer baby, so something that will let her sport effortlessly chic style and soak up the sun at the same time is truly ideal for your Galentine's Day gift. Send her a love letter in the form of a Lolli Swim bathing suit straight off the Spring 2018 line.

Leo's tend to be very warm-hearted. Your bestie is probably the most positive in your friend group, and has naturally become the leader of the pack because of it. You admire her optimism and ability to strike up a conversation with almost anyone, and know that she'll love something as fun as this 'fit.


Rifle Paper Co.

2018 Lively Floral Planner, $34, Rifle Paper Co.

Your person is oh-so practical. So, odds are she needs a planner in her life to keep track of her hefty to-do list. You love that she's so hardworking. But, sometimes you wish she'd branch out from her busy schedule and mind and have a little fun. This Galentine's Day you're going to put that thought aside and help her keep life organized.

She's by far your most loyal friend, and you can always count on her to keep her coffee dates and other appointments. A planner like this one from Rifle Paper Co. will make a super cute addition to her desk, and give her an inspiring quote every week.



Namastay Mat, $78-88, Lululemon

Your Libra lady friend loves a life of harmony. She's always one to find the middle ground, and help others settle their differences. Drama is never the name of the game when it comes to her, and you're so grateful to have someone so level-headed in your squad.

A yoga mat from Lululemon will be the perfect find for your fair-minded friend because it'll give her a hobby that brings her that balance she so loves. She loves social situations, so maybe this will spark her interest to join a local studio or start teaching classes. Namaste, am I right?



American Crafts Scrapbook, $14, JoAnn

You and your Scorpio have been together since day one. Even Hannah Montana would agree that she is a true friend. She's beyond passionate, lives life with a lot of purpose, and is by far your best secret keeper. Just don't ever cross her, because she'll be sure to set the record straight.

A scrapbook will be the sentimental gift you'll have to get for Galentine's Day. Fill it with photos from when you two were growing up through all the selfies you literally took last week. She'll love having something handmade, and if you're unsure of your scrapbooking skills -- well, that's another one for Leslie Knope.



Map Maker Passport Holder, $24, Anthropologie

Your main squeeze is a Sagittarius, so she's always looking toward her next adventure. Whether it's just taking a road trip to the town over, or hopping on a plane to experience exotic places, she loves to get out and about. Sure, she's probably your most flakey friend, but you love living vicariously through all her stories and social life.

A passport holder from Anthropologie will be just the thing to make her travels even better. Her pages are probably already filled with stamps, and this will be something special to keep them safe.


Urban Outfitters

Crosley Record Player, $99, Urban Outfitters

Every friend crew has an old soul, and they're most likely a Capricorn. The best way to describe your bestie is that she's classic. She might not be walking around in vintage clothing and listening to Bob Dylan, but she loves a tune that brings her back to the good 'ole days.

A record player will fit your friend's lifestyle, and constantly transport her to another time. She'll love collecting records of her favorite artists and letting them spin through during your dance parties. It's quality over quantity with her, so spending a few extra bucks on this gift will be well worth it. And even if you don't want to shell out all that cash, a few records or tickets to a concert you both can attend together would be a great alternative.


Pura Vida Bracelets

Tropical Punch Pack, $44, Pura Vida Bracelets

Your girl is one-of-a-kind, and probably one of the most caring in your crew. She lives her life with a lot of energy. Being an air sign, she's always on the move and a little bubbly at her best. A bracelet like this will be perfect for her because it's fun, flirty, and for a good cause.

Maybe she spends her time volunteering, or is just always sticking up for the underdog. Whatever it may be, your bestie is a bit of a humanitarian. These bracelets fund jobs for artisans in Costa Rica, and can show support for a bunch of different charities. If you're looking for something a little more thoughtful this year, this is definitely the way to go.



Wayfair Basics Body Pillow, $16, Wayfair

Your pal is a Pisces, huh? Well, that means she probably needs this body pillow ASAP. She loves her beauty sleep and surrounding herself with the comfortable things in life: casual people, soft sweatshirts, and lots of good vibes. Her ideal morning is spent in bed listening to her favorite songs and taking it slow; it's an escape you may not understand, but one that she totally lives for.

As a water sign, she loves to go with the flow of the crowd, but can get fearful at times when her gut tells her otherwise. On Galentine's Day she'll probably get you the best gift ever because she's so selfless. So, return the favor and splurge on your best friend, turned significant other.