Why A Year Apart At School Makes No Difference For The Truest Of Friends

Jayme Burrows/Stocksy

In the words of Hannah Montana, you're a true friend. We love our best gal pal, and going off to college has been part of both of your life plans for as long as you can remember. She's our absolute day one, and the only person we would really call if we found ourselves in a sticky situation. You've had each other's back since kindergarten when the only real-life problems you ever faced were over crayons and how to spend recess. Yes, it's truly tricky being apart from your best friend at school, because she's no longer just a minute down the road. But, it isn't so bad when you realize nothing will really change no matter how far you both go.

She really has been there through it all — the boy drama, the snow days, and the awkward phases you both inevitably faced. You really can't imagine growing up without her, and probably don't thank her enough for helping you become the person you are today.

In retrospect, you probably should've gone to the same school and been roommates. Then, you would've never really had to leave your soulmate behind, because she'd always be around. But before you get totally in your feels, here are five reasons why being apart this year from your best friend won't really be that bad.

They're Only A Text Away

Thank goodness for modern technology. When it's not totally stressing us out with updates and poor service, it's great for keeping us in touch with our closest friends. Your bestie is oh-so-true, because no matter what time of the day it is, she'll always text you back.

If you're having a guy crisis at 2 a.m., she'll still be the one you call even when you're away at school. She'll stay on the phone with you for hours while you catch up on all the latest things going on in your lives, and you'll listen to her ramble right back. Sure, your college friends will become some of the most reliable shoulders to cry on as well. But, nothing will ever beat the heart-to-hearts you can have with your number one BFF.

They'll Check In All The Time

Don't think that distance will keep your truest friend from finding out everything. She'll still constantly be interested in what's going on in your life, and check in on the reg. Your roommates will probably know her by name, and vice versa. They'll start following each other on social media and suddenly your worlds will have collided (A truly weird, but amazing moment, if we're being honest.).

Having a weekly FaceTime call will keep you both in the loop on each other's lives, and if you're anything like Leslie Knope, you may already have some topics in mind. Once again, thank goodness for technology. Sometimes we really hate texting, but it makes it so easy to stay connected.

There's No Such Thing As Awkward Silence

Sometimes life gets busy, especially when you're away at school. It's easy to get swept up in the chaos of the semester, but you'll never have to worry about staying close to your bestie. We could go months without talking to our truest friends, and pick up right where we left off.

All that silence isn't so loud, and you know she totally understands that your schedule is sometimes so overwhelming. She is, of course, still one of the first things that's always on your mind and you're looking forward to you reunion and making more memories over break. Your friendship has just become low-maintenance, and that's sometimes a sign that your best friend is more like a sister.

You Already Have More Adventures Planned

She's your favorite travel buddy, and you couldn't imagine spending your spring break with anyone else. You could fill endless amounts of scrapbooks with the memories you've made, and your camera roll is so full of selfies you took together.

Maybe you're finally going to go on a road trip, or check out that new coffee spot in your hometown. She suggested you both study abroad one semester, so maybe you'll start looking into all that places around the world where you could follow your wanderlust.

You're Both Totally Obsessed With Each Other

Not to quote Hannah Montana again, but your bestie really will be with you wherever you go. When you get to school, you'll make a lot of new friends. But, some of those initial conversations will be spent sharing stories about the people from your hometown. She'll be the first person you mention to your new crew, and the first person you'll probably see as soon as you get back from school.

Truth is, you're both so obsessed with each other. Over the years, you've inspired, loved, and lifted up each other. She's absolutely your person, and the realest kind of long-distance relationship you'll ever really be in. But, don't forget — absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, when you're away at school, you'll only find yourself loving your bestie even more than before.