7 Things Sisters Do Differently When They're Eternal Best Friends

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Everyone's relationship with their sister is entirely different. Some sisters are just sisters, while others end up being your other half (aka, your best friend in the whole world). There is no “right” relationship you can have with your sis, but there are a few things you do with your sister when you're best friends.

When my sister and I were little, we were just sisters. I loved her to death, but we weren't on that different level of sisterhood to merit a best friendship. As we got older, our bond strengthened into something so much more. We both realized that we are best friends, and the things we do together have changed drastically because of it.

The bond you have with your sister is unlike any best friendship you'll ever have, because your sister is family. If you and your sis aren't BFFs, that doesn't mean you don't have a special connection. Every sisterhood is unique in its own way, and no one can fully understand what it's like to have a sister until you're actually blessed with one. Then, it's a matter of whether you're just going through the motions of being sisters or are true best friends. If you're not entirely sure where you stand with your sis, here are seven things sisters do differently when they're forever friends.

1. You're Texting All The Time

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If you have a sister, you probably text her every now and then to check in, catch up on family news, or when you see something that reminds you of her. But when your sister is your best friend, you're constantly texting on the regular. Even funny memes that don't really make any sense are fair game.

2. You Can Spend Several Days Together Without Getting Annoyed

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You've lived with your sister, so you know what your limits are. There's a reason you have separate rooms, so you can go off and have your alone time. However, when you're best friends, you can't get enough of each other. You're actually able to spend every day of the week chilling with her without getting annoyed or getting into a screaming match.

3. You Share Friends

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If your sister is your best friend, that means her friends are your friends (and vice versa). You don't need your separate friend groups because you have an awesome time when you all hang out together. If you weren't best friends, you could easily have your separate groups, but since you're BFFs, your friends must be friends with her, too.

4. Your Conversations Are More Than Just About The Family

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If your sister is your best friend, you don't just talk about family things. You talk about every single thing you'd discuss with any partner in crime -- your dating life, work, friends who annoy the heck out of you... you name it. You have so much more in common than just your gene pool.

5. You Share Your Deepest, Darkest Secrets

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You can tell your best friend anything. You feel totally comfortable spilling all the beans with her, and truly value her opinion. A normal sister relationship might not make you feel as comfortable talking about certain topics like dating and health, but with your sister BFF, there's no limit to what you feel comfortable sharing.

6. You Plan Non-Family Vacations


If you and your sister are best friends, you really don't need the rest of the family as an excuse to vacation together. You look forward to visiting each other if you live in different zip codes. Oh, and your Vegas birthday trip is just around the corner.

7. She's The First Person You Go To In A Tough Time


You immediately run to your best friend when you're having a tough time. You need the advice and comfort only a bestie can provide. That's exactly why your go-to girl is your sister best friend. She's always there to give you the support and advice you need.