14 Relatable Things All Sister BFFs Are Definitely Guilty Of Doing

by Tessa Harvey

Being best friends with your sister is a whole different level of ride or die.

Your sister is your mentor, go-to advice giver, and other half. She's the only person who probably fully understands the extent of your bizarre quirks, and yet, somehow, still loves you.

You've been through it all together: the screaming matches, the breakups, and the special bonding moments. She's seen you at rock bottom, and at your most #BossBabe status.

My sister and I are a little over a year and a half apart, and I don't know how to function without her. Even with all of our fighting and arguing, I can't imagine life with anyone else as my best friend.

If you and your sister are besties until the end, you've definitely done these 14 things.

1. Stealing Clothes From Her Closet

William Stitt/Unsplash

... And she raids your wardrobe, too.

2. Using Her Conditioner When You Run Out Of Yours

She will literally never notice. Right?

3. Creeping On Her Social Media

Ben White/Unsplash

Wait, is that a subtweet about me?! WTF?

4. Thinking About Liking Her Instagram Post, But Then Don't

How the heck does she already have over 200 likes?

5. Giving Every SO She Brings Home A Thorough Stalk

Gotta make sure he's not a total jerk, right?

6. Planning Each Other's Weddings Way Too Far in Advance

Neither of us even have boyfriends... but, oh well.

7. Replacing Her Food When You Accidentally Eat Too Much

#OOPS. #SorryNotSorry. I was hungry, OK?

8. Texting Her "I Miss You" When You Just Saw Her


It's been five hours, and I'm bored AF.

9. Holding Grudges For Her

Didn't you and my sister have a falling out two years ago? Definitely never talking to you. #ByeFelicia.

10. Making Her Take All Of Your Instagram Photos

She knows the drill to keep snapping away until you find the ultimate shot for Instagram.

11. Talking To Each Other Through Memes

Your texts switch from a series of memes, to what you're eating for dinner.

12. Communicating Without Speaking


Upward eyebrows? It's your turn to take out the dog.

Nose tap? I love you, too.

13. Kicking Each Other When You Have To Share A Hotel Bed

Building a little wall of pillows so she doesn't take up the entire bed comes with the territory, too.

14. Counting Your Childhood Scars Together

... And this one is from when you scratched me and made me bleed after I borrowed your Barbie.