8 Easy Ways To Tame The Best Friend Who Turned Into A Bridezilla Overnight

Your bestie may normally be a super chill person — but overnight, it seems as though she's turned into a bridezilla. Whatever you do, don't panic! There's no need to run for cover. A bridezilla isn't the monster we all envision in our heads with smoke coming out of her ears while screaming at everyone walking by. Deep down, she's just a stressed out bride. Who can blame her? She's preparing for one of the biggest days of her life. That's where you come in as a bridesmaid to save the day, and thankfully, you might know how to deal with a bridezilla.

You might be feeling the stress yourself as a bridesmaid — having to dish out money for your dress, planning an awesome bachelorette party, and making your own plans for her big day. Now, imagine all of that stress doubled — or even tripled. It's a lot to have on one's plate. My friend is one of the calmest people I know, and she still experienced moments of bridezilla-ness. It happens to the best of us.

You are still one of her best friends; that's why she chose you to be in her bride tribe, so it's your duty as bridesmaid to go in there and help as best as you can. Ultimately, you just need to find ways to relieve the stress. That's where these eight ways to tame your BFF bridezilla will help turn her back into the princess bride she truly is.

Turn Little Tasks Into Girls' Nights

There are so many little tasks that would usually require a full night of work for your bestie. Help her out with a wine night (if you're both 21 and up) to finish them all together. Things get done so much quicker when there are more people helping out. Whether it's licking envelopes for the invitations or tying ribbon around little bags of chocolate, make it fun by doing it together. Putting on Bridesmaids is mandatory, of course — and it'll surely lighten the mood.

Help With All Of The Bridesmaid Plans

Your friend has a million things to worry about. Ease some of her worries by taking over the bridesmaid plans. If she still needs help picking out a bridesmaid dress for you ladies to wear, just ask what she had envisioned and tell her you will take care of the rest.

On the big day, take on the responsibility of leading the tribe of bridesmaids yourself. Make sure she doesn't have to worry at all about her ladies being there and ready to slay the day.

Always Have Snacks Handy

I know 80 percent of the time that when my friend is grumpy, it's because she's hangry (which is all too relatable). Your friend might be too distracted by all of the things she needs to get done, that she forgot to eat. Be her fairy godmother and always have some of her fave snacks on hand to offer up. Pretty soon, she'll be right back to being herself again.

Take Some Time To Let Her Vent

Sometimes, your friend is lashing out because she just needs to release some of that tension. Let her spill the tea about all of her frustrations, and be the listening ear that she needs. Invite her over for a relaxing night in with some wine, and she'll feel so at ease.

Turn Her Bachelorette Party Into Something Relaxing

If you find your friend is stressing out to the extreme, find a way to make her bachelorette party more relaxing. If she hasn't made a big push to have the crazy girls' night out, maybe opt for a spa weekend or beach trip with her bride tribe. She can totally treat herself to a relaxing getaway that will make her icy bridezilla side melt away.

Positive Reinforcement Is Your Friend

Every bride wants their special day to be magical. Make sure throughout the entire wedding planning process that your friend knows how much you love her, and how excited you are to be part of her tribe. Whenever she tells you details about the wedding, always offer positive feedback. You want her to feel good and pumped up about everything she has planned.

Treat Her To A BFF Date

Sometimes, you just need a little breather when you're overwhelmed. Take your BFF to her favorite restaurant, go shopping at her favorite store, and let her escape to a movie she's been dying to see.

It's just a few hours, but in that time, she's not thinking about the wedding plans and just having fun with her best friend. It'll help her regroup and she'll be feeling so refreshed before diving back in.

Try And Make Her Laugh

Ease the tension by trying to make your friend laugh. Don't discount her feelings at all when she's stressed. Listen to her, but when the moment is right, try and find a way to cheer her up. You know your friend's humor better than anyone else, so making her laugh is super easy. It's a reminder that this is supposed to be fun.