7 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday Like A Royal, Because You Want To Have A Ball

Let's be honest: You're royalty, girlfriend. You keep up-to-date on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and have watched The Princess Diaries with Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway a million times. The only thing you're really missing is the tiara. (Oh, and a castle that you can call your own!) You assume that one day, you'll be living your life and a note will slip under your door, telling you that you're next in line for the throne. Right now, though, you're just wondering one thing: how to celebrate your birthday like a royal, because it's almost time to have a ball.

In the past, you may have celebrated your birthday bowling with your best friends or going to your favorite local restaurant for dinner and drinks. The waiters and waitresses sang to you while you made and wish on your candles. You closed your eyes and might have asked the universe to bring you a significant other who would sweep you off your feet, just like Cinderella, or plane tickets to London where everything magical and royal happens.

Now, you're technically not supposed to say what your wish was. But, it did have something to do with channeling your inner princess. You just want to live like one of the royals, and celebrating your birthday one of these seven ways will be the perfect way to start.

Go To A Salon For A Blowout And Champagne

First things first: Every princess in the making needs to treat herself to a little pampering. You need to make an appointment on your birthday for a deep-tissue massage. Pedicures, manicures, and facials are a must, too.

Most importantly, though, you need to go to a salon and get a blowout. You need to get your 'do done by a professional, and chat with your besties over glasses of champagne. You're the birthday queen, after all, and deserve to treat yourself on this very special day.

Stay In A Castle For A Night With Your Friends

When it comes to your birthday, doing something adventurous is never out of the question, either. You love taking trips into the mountains, or renting unique places to stay on Airbnb. In order to feel like a royal, you'll want to find a castle to spend the night in.

You'll want to invest in some cozy pajamas, and bring your camera for a photo shoot in the extravagant halls. You'll also want to spend your night watching princess-inspired movies like Tangled and Enchanted. Don't forget to pose with your dreamy breakfast in bed!

Recreate Your Favorite Scenes From 'The Princess Diaries'
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A majority of what I know about being a royal comes from watching The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. I remember seeing Julie Andrews dressed in a sparkly gown and tiara for the first time, floating down the palace halls before saying her iconic line: "A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early."

You can say the same thing, and would truly love to recreate some of your favorite scenes from the movie on your birthday. You'd love to do some mattress surfing or ride around San Francisco in a Mustang. Having a party on the beach might also be required!

Splurge On Some Jewelry Or Designer Clothes
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Another thing every birthday queen needs is a piece of jewelry or a designer outfit. So, for your birthday, go on a little shopping spree with your besties! Hit up a little boutique and splurge on a necklace with a beautiful gemstone you've had your eye on, or a blouse from a high-end label. You deserve it — especially on your big day.

Have A Photo Shoot In A Botanical Garden

One place you probably haven't considered spending your birthday at is a botanical garden. You tend to celebrate at restaurants, nail salons, and paint bars. You sip wine while painting pastels onto a canvas, and laugh about inside jokes. And that's all fine and good, but this year, you want to switch things up and do something regal.

Every royal has a fancy garden outside of their palace. They might stroll through it in the mornings, and tend to their various succulents and flowers. (At least, that's what the movies have taught me!) So, this birthday, find a greenhouse or plant conservatory near you and have a photo shoot in it — and bring a tiara with you, too!

Spend The Morning Having Tea And Scones
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One of my favorite ways to celebrate my birthday is with breakfast food. This past year, my significant other and I went to the diner in my town and I ordered lots of coffee and home fries. It was picture-perfect, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

But, if you want to celebrate your birthday like a royal, then you need to tailor this experience a bit. Order some delicious scones and tea, and have a sweet morning of your own. Invite all of your besties, or simply take your siblings to the best local spot. It can be casual, but still pretty princess-worthy.

Tour The Dreamiest Sights In London

Last but not least, birthdays are the time to go big, in my opinion. They're the best excuse to buy a plane ticket and check something off of your bucket list. May I suggest going to London, and spending a week where the royals live?

It would definitely be a dream come true, from the second you see your first red phone booth or Buckingham Palace in all its glory. If you're lucky, you may even spot Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Either way, it's going to be a birthday you'll never forget, and you'll have a ball.