If You Love Color, Know That ABH’s Riviera Palette Is Worth Every Penny

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Attention, everybody: I downgraded from my dead-of-winter parka to my slightly-less-aggressive cold weather coat today, do you know what that means? It means we're one step closer to spring, so it's time to start prepping those warm-weather beauty lewks, people! I want sunset blends, pops of ocean blue, sandy golds and the like, and if you're sitting there wondering, "how do I pull off such looks?", I'll answer your question with another question: "well, how much is Anastasia Beverly Hills' Riviera Palette?" Indeed, the new beauty includes fourteen shades I consider to be absolutely essential for 2019's bold spring and summertime eye looks, so let's talk specifics as far as launch date, prices, and where to buy. By the time spring hits, your revamped eyeshadow game ill already be in full bloom.

Some of my favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes are their more muted, nudey colorways, like bronzy Soft Glam ($42, or neutral Sultry ($45,, and of course, the pinky Modern Renaissance ($42, I consider ABH experts when it comes to churning out palette colorways that were simultaneously playful and wearable, but when I first set my sights on the new Riviera Palette ($45, coming soon to, I found myself ready to ditch my neutral faves and commit to a life of color via this palette and its 14 bold brights.

Have you seen it? The mattes, the metallics, the shimmers, oh my:

This little baby is special in all the right ways. It's got a variety of finishes, a bevy of bold shades, and a few of ABH's expertly-curated neutrals thrown in for good measure to make sure your blues and pinks blend out eith ease. Could we, as beauty-lovers, ask for more? I, personally, could not dream of asking for more.

Have you seen the finger swatches? Why are these fingers prettier than I'll ever be?

And if you don't think I'll spend all spring tryna perfect this eye look, then you don't know me very well, because I certainly will:

Worse comes to worst, though, I can always go full-on hot pink for an equally gorgeous look if my cut crease skills aren't up to par:

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked by the shades. Let's talk numbers, people! The Riviera Palette will retail for $45, which is the same price as the brand's Sultry Palette. All other 14-pan palettes currently listed on the side, including Soft Glam, Modern Renaissance, Norvina, and Prism, are priced at $42, so just a few dollars less. And BTW, there's currently free shipping on all orders over $25, so when you consider that waived fee, the three extra bucks isn't too bad. Plus, this is basically a vacation in a palette, and trips usually cost way more than $45, so I'm all for an escape from reality for under $50.

If you want to snag this baby for yourself, it launched today on the ABH website, but if you want to wait and swatch to see if you'll get your $45 worth (Spoiler alert: You totally will.), the Riviera Palette hits all other online and in-store retailers on March 7.