Alex & Ani's 'Friends' Jewelry Is So Affordable, You Can Buy Something For All Your Lobsters

Courtesy of Alex & Ani

Whenever I'm in a room of people I don't know, I always rely on one pop culture phenomenon in particular to break the ice and help spark conversation: Friends. Literally everyone loves this show, and I can almost always find a die-hard fan that's down to talk all things Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross. Even better, now that I've looked into how much Alex & Ani's Friends jewelry collection costs, I'll be able to treat myself to some cute jewelry that declares my love of the show for me, so I can find my fellow Friends fans without even saying a word. Want in? Read on for all the deets on this sitcom-themed collection.

When I was in high school, you simply couldn't convince me an outfit was complete without a wristful of Alex & Ani's signature wire bangles. I had charms to represent my initials, my zodiac sign, my hobbies, my puppy, and more, and my friends and I always saved up and spent all our coin on new bracelets to build up our stacks. While most jewelry trends come and go, the simplicity and personalized aspect of Alex & Ani bangles have helped them stay chic, and though I'm no longer in high school, I still really love the style. It goes without saying, though, that the Friends collection is a step above the rest in my eyes.

Get a load of these '90s vibes! I need every bangle ASAP:

Alex & Ani

Fortunately, I really can buy every bangle, because the collection is super affordable — in fact, each piece costs between $39 and $49. That means you're snagging collectible, wearable Friends memorobilia for under $50! What a steal!

There are numerous pieces that feature the iconic Friends logo, like the Friends Logo Bar Expandable Wire Bangle ($39,, which has a colorful crystal between each letter:

There's also the Friends Logo Bar Adjustable Necklace ($39,, for those of us who already have an abundance of bangles on our wrists:

Along with the logo, the designs feature iconic lines and symbols from the show. Phrases like "You're my lobster," "How you doin?", and of course, "Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!" have all been memorialized on bangles, and yes, I want all three. There's also the gang's couch, the empty picture frame from the apartment, and of course, a bevy of coffee-related charms.

My fave is the Friends Central Perk Charm Bangle ($39, Wearing it isn't quite the same as visiting the imaginary coffee shop, but it's still pretty cute:

If you can't choose just one charm, though, a piece like the Friends Frame and Coffee Mug Cluster Charm Bangle ($49, will give you a lot of bang for your buck:

Since literally everyone is a fan of Friends, it's no surprise that some of the pieces have already started selling out. Alex & Ani, if you're reading this, we need a restock! To shop what's left, check out the Alex &Ani website now — just don't buy so much that you have to cut up your credit cards Rachel-style, please.