Savage x Fenty's V-Day Collection Has Tons Of Options, So You Can Feel Sexy At Any Price Point

Am I a little too early to start obsessing over Valentine's Day? Technically, I'm just a little too *single* to start obsessing, but that doesn't really matter this year, because I've decided to make Rihanna my Valentine after seeing her gorgeous new collection for Savage X Fenty. If you've seen it, too, and are wondering how much the Savage X Fenty Valentine's Day 2019 Collection costs, you're in luck, because I've got all the deets, plus a way to snag some lingerie for less.

I'm embarrassed to admit that, for a minute there, I thought a red lip from Fenty Beauty would be the most Rihanna could possibly offer me in the name of Valentine's Day. I momentarily forgot about her super inclusive lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, until the brand's Instagram account began clogging my feed (in the best way possible, mind you) with tons of photos promoting their V-Day collection. The line dropped on January 9 on the Savage X Fenty site, and it's filled with shades of pink, red, and black, in the laciest, silkiest, sexiest styles you can imagine. Ri really did her thing with these pieces, and they're some of my favorites from the brand to date.

Valentine's Day was really not ready for Ri to bring this heat:

Most of the new V-Day lingerie sets retail for between $88 and $115, and most include three pieces, whether it be a bra and two panties or a bralette and panty with matching teddy. The Hearts Halter Teddy Trio ($112, is an ultra girly, sheer, hot pink number for plus size ladies, with a bralette, cheeky panties, and a teddy. Priced a little lower is the Lip Embroidered Baby Doll Set ($80,, which includes a white babydoll and bikini with red embroidered lips. And if you're willing to spend a few dollars more (and wear a lot less), the Embroidered Hearts Teddy Set ($88, comes fully equipped with a skimpy black lace teddy and leather pasties. Big mood.

Typically, lingerie sets can cost hundreds of dollars, so RiRi's prices are super reasonable. The collection isn't all luxe sets, though. The cheapest pieces on the site are panties, which can be priced as low as $17, but typically sit around the $30 range. There are also V-Day "accessories" of sorts, including heart-shaped crops, whips, and Velvet Heart Pasties ($20, on the more affordable end of the spectrum, should you not feel like dropping a hundred dollars on something you'll eventually (hopefully) take off, wink wink.

Keep in mind, if you wanted to snag these or any other pieces from the Fenty V-Day collection, you could consider becoming an Xtra VIP by registering for an Xtra Savage Membership. Members enjoy serious perks including majorly discounted pricing, Xclusive styles, and free shipping and returns, all for just $49 a year — plus, you can try the membership for free for 30 days right now, so why wouldn't you?

If you really see yourself stocking up on RiRi's lingerie in 2019, the $49 annual fee is so worth it. Get this: With the Xtra Inclusive Price, the Hearts Halter Teddy Trio drops from $112 to $60, the Lip Embroidered Baby Doll Set from $80 to $40, and the Embroidered Hearts Teddy Set from $88 to $40. That's some major savings, people. Rihanna really has our backs, and I love that she's promoting the message of "loving our damn selves" this V-Day and every other day, too. If for you, self love includes stocking up on some incredible lingerie, then this collection should definitely be a part of your Valentine's gift to yourself.