Savage x Fenty Is Releasing A Valentine's Day Lingerie Collection & It's Expectedly Hot AF

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been just over a week since New Year's Eve, which means post-celebration blues might be hitting you hard right about now. But if there ever was one woman who could raise our collective spirits, it would be Rihanna. She previewed Savage x Fenty's Valentine's Day 2019 collection via social media yesterday and gave us all something very, very exciting to look forward to. An entire new line of lingerie that's sexy, whimsical, and inclusive to boot? Leave it to RiRi to heat January all the way up.

If the mere mentioning of Valentine's Day and/ or lingerie has got your eyes rolling because A) you think it's a superficial holiday designed solely for commercial purposes or B) you're single, I hear you. I've got friends that groan about Feb. 14 for the same reasons every year, and I totally understand why. But for me, Valentine's Day is one of the best holidays period, simply because it encourages people to celebrate love and to tap into their sexuality.

I've only ever been in a relationship for two Valentine's Days, and neither of them were that great — I much prefer spending the holiday with friends, drinking champagne and eating cupcakes... and treating myself to some new lingerie because it makes me feel hot AF. (Yes, I really do this.) For me, lingerie is personal. I buy it to make myself happy, and if someone else gets to see it and enjoys it, then thats just an added bonus. Trust me, once you see what Savage x Fenty's got cooking I think you'll want to join me in my tradition.

Yesterday, the brand uploaded a new photo to Instagram showing Riri herself in red velvet gloves and what is quite possibly the most perfect Valentine's Day bra ever. "Fall in 💕with ✖️- January 9th!! We’re dropping something sweet to get you ready for the month of 💖! Tag ya bestie & get ready!" the caption reads.

After that initial post, four others followed, previewing additional pieces from the Valentine's Day collection, which will drop on Savage x Fenty's website tomorrow, Jan. 9.

A snap featuring the full bra and underwear set Rihanna was modeling in the first post shows my favorite offerings from the collection. The bra, which is made from a deep pink mesh, features a satin-trimmed underwire, red velvet hearts, and shimmery star embellishments, while the panties feature a similar heart-and-stars detail on the back. It's part playful, part femme fatale — imagine wearing the set under your favorite dress on a night out? You couldn't not feel like fire.

Another post features a model in a red mesh bodysuit with strategically placed little hearts and pink satin gloves. While it's unclear if the gloves are actually part of the collection, I think they're an unexpectedly sexy touch.

While we'll have to wait to see what else the full collection has in store, this sneak preview has already got me sold. One of the coldest months of the year is about to get red hot.