ELF Cosmetics Just Dropped The Supers Skincare Products & They're All $12 Or Less

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I've always had a love for hidden gems when it comes to drugstore makeup, but lately, I'm even more interested in incredible drugstore skincare. There's some great stuff out there for those of us with smaller budgets, and I've found some of my Holy Grail products on the shelves of my local CVS. That said, my love of drugstore beauty means I'm already very familiar with e.l.f. and their inexpensive products, so I was super curious to see how much e.l.f. Cosmetics' The Supers skincare products would cost when the brand first announced the new line. This isn't their first stab at skincare, but the four new products are cute as can be, and boast some pretty top notch ingredients, so they definitely caught my eye. You can never have enough skincare, after all.

Pretty much everyone (Except me!) is talking about The Avengers right now, so I love that e.l.f. decided to name these new products The Supers. I mean, they're super cute and have super great ingredients, so they sound like a super good launch to me! "Introducing our newest skin care collection, formulated to go undefeated with multitasking, powerhouse ingredients," e.l.f. wrote on their website, and before you start worrying about the cost, let me stop you right there: All the products are $12 or less. Great deal alert.

e.l.f., you've done it again, now take my money:

So, what's in the lineup? Four products sold together or separately, for a super effective skincare routine:

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First up is the SuperClarify Cleanser ($6,, a cleanser that's meant to, well, clarify. I already know I'm going to like this baby because it's loaded with nacinamide, my current favorite ingredient. Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide tones and clarifies while retaining moisture, so skin gets clean without feeling dried out. Lovely.

Next up is the SuperHydrate Moisturizer ($12,, one of the two ~more expensive~ products available for just $12. This little purple jar also contains niacinamide, in addition to other bougie moisturizing ingredients like plant-derived squalane, hydrating snow mushroom, soothing cica, and vitamin E. Seriously, this reads off like a high-end moisturizer's ingredient list, so for under $20, e.l.f. is really blessing us. Will be buying ASAP.

Moving right along, the SuperMask ($12, is also heavy on the cica, aka centella asiatica, which has tons of anti-aging properties in addition to soothing and calming redness. Lavender, ceramides, and cocoa butter round out the relaxing formula, and I'll definitely be saving this baby for a Sunday morning mask and chill sesh.

Last but not least, the collection rounds out with SuperTone Toner ($8, This little yellow bottle is gentle enough for everyday use, but it's still got some pretty powerhouse ingredients in the mix. exfoliating and brightening AHAs are hard at work, along with soothing aloe, calming witch hazel, castor oil and benzoic acid. To use, simply dispense a little toner onto a cotton pad at night, swipe across your complexion, and follow with a moisturizing product, like your SuperHydrate, for example.

This line is definitely a step in the right direction for e.l.f., and if you want to try out the entire range, you can buy The Supers Regimen ($38, and save 20% in comparison to if you bought all four products separately. Real talk, $40 is still cheaper than one luxury moisturizer, so treat yourself to the whole lineup and find your faves.

Ready to shop? The Supers are live on the e.l.f. Cosmetics website right now. How super is that?

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