How Do Pisces Act When They're In Love? Here's How You'll Know If The Water Sign Is Into You

The mystical and all-encompassing season of Pisces is upon us, and there's no better way to describe its magic than by celebrating its universal love and infinite compassion. Speaking of which, I will be giving you all a closer look at how Pisces acts when they're in love, because let's face it, this water sign is not the easiest to read. Not even close. For instance, have you ever come across someone who's a total enigma? You know, the type that acts one way, and then completely catches you off guard when you least expect it? Well, not gonna lie, they're probably a Pisces.

Aside from the fact that Pisces is indeed a mutable sign, aka changeable and versatile, this water sign is also the last of the zodiac, which means it has a little bit of each of the signs that came before it. That's right, stargazers: Pisces is actually the most "well rounded" compared to the rest of the zodiac, considering its essence is a perfect combination of each sign. Sounds complex, right? Well, sadly, we're just getting started. Something else, water signs are typically prone to introversion, given their hypersensitive nature, and general elusiveness, but that's just one of Pisces' many faces.

Remember, the symbol of Pisces is the two fish swimming, opposing each other, and this is a representation of its infinite duality, and contradicting nature. Fact is, sometimes they're introverted, other times they're extroverted, but in the end, you really have no idea what you're going to get. Period. Truth is, their ruling planet Neptune is just as elusive, as it the ruler of dreams and subconscious realms. This dreamy planet dissolves all boundaries, which is why those with Neptune influences in their chart are compassionate by nature, and sadly, prone to psychic attacks. Pisces walks in between dimensions, and it's crucial that they stay grounded.

Now, for the million dollar question: how can you tell when a Pisces is in love with you? Like I said, this water sign is incredibly complex, and it surely doesn't help that they're also seductive by nature. #JustSaying.

However, the below are signs they're actually falling for you:

They Constantly Stare At You

Pisces is a hopeless romantic at heart, and if there's one thing they love to do on a regular basis, it's daydream. So, rest assured, they will make it a point to look deep into your eyes as often as they can, and chances are, they're also staring at you when you're not looking. Truth is, when a Pisces is in love, they will watch you like their favorite movie. Believe it or not, this is a secret turn-on for them, too. So, don't fall for that dreamy, "lost-in-translation" gaze of theirs. They know exactly what they're doing.

They Choose You Over Their Freedom

Pisces is legit the most wishy-washy character you'll ever meet. Think of a slippery fish. They're hard to catch, right? Well, that's exactly how Pisces is. They're hard to pin down, and they're incredibly selective with whom they choose to dedicate their time and energy. Imagine, behind Pisces' jack-of-all-trades vibes, and mysterious demeanor, they're also incredibly fragile and sentimental, which is why they take so long to commit. (They're terrified of getting hurt.) However, when Pisces knows, they know, and mark my words, they will make it a point to spend as much time around you as possible. No ifs, ands, or buts.

They Shower You With Love And Affection

Put it this way, stargazers: once your Pisces S.O. has moved beyond the "cold feet" stage, it's all down hill from there. Remember, Pisces is a lover at heart, and trust me when I say, they will do everything in their power to make you feel adored. Their "small gestures" are typically out of this world, and hate to break it to you, but there's no way you won't fall deeper into the rabbit hole. Yes, it's a never-ending spiral, and an ocean of emotions, but when a Pisces is in it to win it, they will easily swim with you until the end of time.