Here’s Why Fans Think Christian Carino’s IG Posts Are About Lady Gaga

by Christy Piña
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After a breakup, you may find yourself eager to post inspirational and/or sad quotes on your Instagram. As it turns out, celebrities may find themselves doing the same, and it's a nice little reminder that, stars, they're just like us! Take, for example, Christian Carino's emotional Instagram posts — they have fans almost convinced they're about his ex-fiancée Lady Gaga, and Gaga stans everywhere are, for the most part, not having it. Carino and Gaga were together for two years but called off their engagement in February 2019 after things "just didn't work out" in their relationship, a source claimed to People at the time (though the former couple never confirmed that rumor).

In the last five days, Carino has posted three pictures on his Instagram that have all had some sort of romantic or inspirational aspect and it's sent Gaga fans into a furor in the comments. His first post was the iconic Winnie the Pooh quote that reads, "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." (Big facts!) But even a quote as innocent as that had fans immediately pointing out that Carino might very well be talking about Gaga. "Subliminals at Gagz?" one person commented, while another wrote, "get over her."

Two days later, on May 27, he posted a quote that read, "Miracles happen when she's around me." Some commented comforting words for Carino as he gets over his ex-fiancée, while others were a little less sentimental, getting straight to the point, writing, "who? GAGA?" Another commenter was a little more aggressive, asking Carino, "Then why did you blow it." On a sweeter and more encouraging note, someone wrote, "Hope it's about you and Lady G. You are perfect together....wishing u al the best."

In Carino's most recent post, some comments were even more aggressive. He posted a picture of a phone booth with a pink phone that had "tell her you love her" written on it, which he captioned, "be fearless." Fans commented, telling Carino to steer clear of Gaga, writing, "stay away from her," and "No way !!! Leave her alone pls." One person was really nasty and wrote, "dont worry gaga knows you love her footnails from every show you went to control her, every call you did stalking her, every mail, every message while she was f*cking bradley cooper." I'm telling you, it got ugly.

But as always, there's some light at the end of the tunnel. Other users were supportive and encouraging Carino to feel whatever he's feeling and reminding him that he's not alone. "Okay @christiancarino if you’re reading all the hate, just remember that there are people who aren’t as immature as some people here and support you," one person commented. Another person wrote, "Christian loved her so much and he still does love her. Give him sometime to move on. Because if gaga were the one posting about Christian you'd be like 'its okay baby, youll get over him.' But you cant do that for Christian?" Regardless of the reason why Carino posted these on his personal IG, I'm glad some people stood up for him.

So, while there is no confirmation that any of the romantic, inspirational quotes Carino posted were about Gaga, fans seem to have made a pretty good guess about the inspiration behind his posts. Until Carino confirms they're about his ex (which he has not), it's anyone's guess. But if they're not about Gaga, then maybe this is a clue he's moved on. If that's the case, good for him. Everyone deserves to be happy.