This "Inflatable Hunk" Pool Float Is Better Than Any Summer Fling, TBH

by Collette Reitz

Winter sure felt like it was never going to let up this year, but you've made it through and it's about time to start planning all the pool days your summer schedule can handle. The days are only getting hotter, and you'll definitely need some time by the water to cool down. Jumping into the pool for a refreshing dip is one way to go, but what if you prefer lounging atop the water? That's where pool floats come in especially handy. Novelty floats have been all the rage lately, so here's where to buy the "Inflatable Hunk" pool float for your best summer fling.

OK, maybe this won't be your "best" summer fling, but it will make for some pretty funny moments at the pool this season. The "Inflatable Hunk" pool float from Pop Fix comes with a red-and-white raft attached to a "pool boy." You can snag this "hunk" on the Paper Source website for $23. The Pop Fix website also says it's available on Amazon, but it's sold out on the website at the time of publication.

Your inflated plastic gent from Pop Fix comes complete with all the trappings of a summertime stud. Seriously, you'll get all the "heyyy" without the overwhelming scent of Axe Body Spray.

Pop Fix

Thanks to the countless hours put in at the gym (er, the expertly designed muscle outlines), your "Inflatable Hunk" has toned "abs" and "triceps" just waiting to support you during a relaxing pool day. He's also sporting a pair of cool-guy shades, so you know he's ready for a day in the sun. Oh, and the dishy pool float that inflates to 32-inches wide by 29-inches tall also has a drink holder — so it's basically like a floating cabana boy.

Now, this "hunk" might not count as your plus-one to any summer weddings you plan to attend this season, but I think it will definitely make a splash at the bachelorette parties (imagine all the do-it-for-the-'gram opportunities).


The only bummer about the "Inflatable Hunk" pool float is that it's only good for one person at a time. If you want to get all your besties in on the plastic heartthrob fun, you can get the Pop Fix Inflatable Hunk Ring Toss Game on Amazon for $16. According to the description of the game on Amazon, the game includes one inflatable hunk and three rings.

Thanks to what looks like a red speedo, the ring toss "hunk" appears to be a little more risqué than his pool float counterpart. The ring toss hunk inflates up to 25-inches wide by 25-inches tall, and the inflatable's "flexed" arms are the perfect targets for your ring toss competition. All you need to do to get the fun started is inflate your hunky game and fill the base with water to keep it standing tall.


After seeing what this "guy" can do, I'm pretty much convinced that the "Inflatable Hunk" needs to make an appearance at my summer pool days. If you're looking for something a little different than a floating Romeo, there are plenty of pool float options out there. You can take your pick from all of the animal pool floats — and there are so many more options than the unicorn and flamingo floats you've already seen all over Instagram.

For the days when your entire crew is taking over the beach, you can even snag one of these giant party floats that can fit up to six people. When it comes to your pool float needs this summer, you should be covered no matter what your float preferences are. And if you think your Snap Story will be so much better with one of these "hunky" inflatables, then this summer is your time to shine.